Merry Christmas everyone!

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And, following Sophie's lead: thank you to all for your support and help in 2013. I know I'm not alone in being helped by all the cyber hugs and wonderful messages, thank you.

I am having dinner at my house this year and after some house cleaning, pacing myself well (so I thought), shopping and cooking, I feel like a flock of turkeys has soundly beaten me up! I'm certain a lot of you will be feeling the same as me today. Oh, joyous day :madnoel:

Best wishes, hugs to all, and less pain in 2014!


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    I have cooked etc and now feeling battered! Looking forward to a day at work tomorrow for a rest! Hope the pain is much less for you in 2014 and a very big HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
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    Hi boomer..thankyou and the same to you for your support
    I haven't cooked Christmas dinner for 3 years now ..mind you I did cook it for32 put those feet up..the cleaning can wait mine looks like a bomb has gone off...4 Grandchildren just left.... :presents1: xx
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    Happy Christmas ! x :rudolph:
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    Sorry I disappeared for a week while my sister and her two children were staying with us as well as our own three sons and two dogs. It seems to have been a never ending round of cooking and washing up at this end and I'm now hardly able to stay away from my bed where I could sleep for China!

    Ended up at a friend's toddler son's funeral yesterday followed by bumping into a local family whose house had been struck by lightening on Christmas Eve and burnt to the ground before they had a moment to blink. Both situations very humbling indeed.

    I hope you made it through all that prepping, cooking and washing up and came out the other side in one piece Anna. Happy 2014 :xmas_cool:
    Mat xx
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    Thank you for your note, Mat. Those sound like very sad Christmas stories, poor people.

    I am not in very good shape at the moment so have not/will not be around much. Doing some cleaning and hosting Christmas at my house (only for four of us) has left me with abscesses under my fingernails. I guess this is a psoriasis thing?? I can hardly use my hands so I think that may have been my last effort at Christmas dinner. I've spent four days in bed and am off to get one hand x-rayed soon. Hideous.

    At least dinner was a success! It was a big deal for me because it's the first time I hosted Christmas dinner for my mum.

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    Oh no Anna poor you - what a high price to pay for cooking dinner for your mum and others? Have you seen a doctor yet about these abscesses under your nails? If not I really hope you will do so soon. Mat x
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    Hey Anne, How are you today? Have you had the x-rays done yet? Did you see your Dr about the abscesses? Hope the rest has helped a little. Take care and hope you can enjoy the new year.
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    ((((Anna)))) xxx
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    Merry Christmas Anna xxxx

    I hope you had a chance to enjoy some festive time before the beating of the turkey's and nail abcesses started up. Big big squishy hugs, as always, followed by more HUGS! xxx
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    I hope ure recovering Anna!!

    Happy 2014, let's hope it's the year you get answers & a stable treatment plan huni.

    (((( hugs ))))

    Xx xX
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    I hope you had a Merry Christmas Anna


    and I wish you a Happy New Year



    Toni xxx

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