Does cold weather affect Oa and has anyone any help

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I have trapped fermol nerve and been told I also have OA, its cold and winding and I have a lot of pain in my leg/knee. The cold affects my leg now the knee too.
Any ideas to help the discomfort/pain. :cry:


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    Thermal socks! You can get long ones that go over the knee. Those heated cushiony things are good too. I was told deep heat is good but I had an 'incident' where I slathered it all over my legs without testing a path and had an allergic reaction. :shock:
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    I don't have OA (I don't think...), I have one of those pesky anti immune arthurs BUT the cold really affects me.I think we should all move to the Caribbean! Anyone want to join me? Reality check.....going to Newark on Trent for the New Year in my caravan brrrrrr :candycane:
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    Yes I think the Carribean should be on the NHS......don't you? :xmas_cheesygrin:
    Yes cold really affects my OA although its hips and back with me.
    Long socks over your knees....good idea.
    Wheat bags that you put in the microwave are good as well.
    I don't use deep heat ........if you go out the smell is dreadful :lol:
    I do use pernatone gel......I find that is good.

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    Thank you very much . I'll try long socks, great advice . Just lot of work for old years night in next free days ..
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    Got all my work done very busy few days. Just as I finished my knee/leg got sore so rest As being self employed not choice to work, got help for my kids , also I love what I do. But sooooo busy .
    Happy New Year and thank you for all advice

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