So, Arthur decided to stay for Christmas....

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Arthur arrived back in the land of Sophie's joints almost a fortnight ago. He (my Arthur is definitely male!) has really chosen his moment! He's been away for many weeks but he must have sensed a break in treatment, so it's going to be double the fun while he's here.

I'm hoping he'll return to Arthur Land very soon. If any of you have any unwelcome Arthurs, please let me know as I'm trying to arrange transport.

Other than that, Christmas at chez Starburst was lovely. I hope all of you had a good one. :xmas_mrgreen:


  • Sharon2960
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    Yes please, book a seat! My arther has been bit quiet, but decided to visit over the last few days, arriving in additional, previously unvisited, places! I assume due to recent anxieties and stresses of new GD arrival! Hopefully he'll do one soon and disappear!

    Glad you had a good Christmas x
  • Mat48
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    So sorry your Arthur decided to pay a return visit for Christmas. You need stronger bolts for next year? Mine took a hike a few months ago and hasn't returned yet but the hives could happily join in the bus load of Arthurs if you'll let them on by way on undesirable Xmas decos? :noel: :roll: Mat xx
  • Tubby
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    Arthur has been with me over the past few days but it could have been worse. The family, however, can't be removed and are far more painful! As is the plotting of PsA, my fingers have been particularly possesed, I chopped one finger whilst preparing cauliflower on Christmas Day which I then forgot to serve! I can't hold to anything except a glass of red lol.... :presents1:
  • bubbadog
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    Book a seat for my little blighter (Jnr Arther) Started getting pain since Saturday my ankles, shines and hips, just the aching type pain. I hope mine will ease off over New Years Eve and day so I can enjoy that at least!! :xmas_cool:

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