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Hello all, this is my first post. If I have posted it in the wrong place - please move it on. I am married to an arthritis sufferer.

Looking to see what aids are available we made our way to the above show at the Scottish Exhibition Centre in Glasgow on the 18th September. This happened to be on at the same venue and at the same time as the Liberal Democrats Party Conference.
I drive a tall vehicle to transport the mobility scooter my wife uses. On arriving at the car park designated for attenders I was directed by a Police Officer to a multi- storey car park. I told the officer that my vehicle was too high but was assured that that was the place for me to go. Sure enough as soon as I entered the building I was stopped and told not to go above the ground floor. I parked up and we then made our way to the lift. It was not working and we were to walk to the side door. We did and found that we were about half a mile from the venue. We had to cross two busy roads and go over grass for two hundred metres.
The distance was no great hardship for us as we had the powered scooter. Others going to the show without power were struggling with the distance and the kerbs.
It was galling to see as we made our way that the car park with the "disabled" signs painted on the tarmac was fenced off -some sort of security measure - but taxis were able to drive up to the main entrance to drop off and collect delegates for the Party Conference.
On gaining entry we had a good time checking out the various exhibits and the like. I was seething though at the lack of understanding of the needs of disabled people that had been ignored by the decision to "block off" the Car Park. Particularly as the Nadiex show was specifically aimed at the disabled. I made my first complaint to the show manager and it was apparent that I was not the first! I later wrote to the Venue owners and when they replied that the decision was not theirs but had been taken by Glasgow Car Parks Ltd, I wrote to them and received a reply to the effect that while they were sorry about the inconvenience caused it was not their fault - the decision was taken by the Police and/or Security services because of the Lib democrats conference.
I then used the lib democrats web page to ask how the decision to block off the car park had been reached. It was all too clear that all the organisations have as part of their respective "mission Statements" to be anti discriminatory so far as the disabled were concerned but when it got in the way of their plans - on the ground - they care not two hoots.
No response had been received by November, so I then contacted my MP
He has now written to the Lib Democrats to find out why what was done was done. I still await a reply. 5 years ago I don't think I would be so vocal but now a days I just want to shout to those who do not care about the needs of the disabled and shame them! If any others on this forum attended that show and were inconvenienced could I ask that they too contact their MP. I don't think there can be too many complaints about this sort of crass inconsideration.
Yours Ian
PS I am not as a rule "political" but even now 4 months plus after the event I am still angry.


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    Well, I for one am not surprised that you are still angry. As usual the needs of the disabled are disregarded probably because those who were organising this take for granted the things the disabled lack such as ability, mobility, agility and energy. It's the 'I'll park in this BB space because I'm only popping in to the bank / supermarket / post office' selfishness of this modern age writ large. Keep up the fight for some answers and I wish you both well. DD
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    My sister lives in Glasgow and she has talked about how the venues there are not designed to be accessible to people who live in the city, i.e. no walkways, no links to other places, no transport links. She has young children which also makes getting about more difficult. I suspect, if you started a campaign, you would get a lot of support and be able to affect some changes!
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    I live in England but we are treated no better!! In fact since this Government started their hate campaign, that's the only way I can describe it, against the disabled community, life has changed greatly.

    I was in my GP practice earlier this year, I walk with crutches or use a rollator. I had spoken to the receptionist before taking my seat & could hear 3 women, around my age (early 40's) chatting away but wen I took my seat they all stopped talking & just stared at me!! I was SO humiliated. I was called quite quickly thankfully & proceeded to burst into tears in the nurses office!!

    It was the first time it had happened to me but unfortunately not the last!! :oops: :cry: I am looked at like I'm just a benefit cheat, that's wot the Government has been telling everyone so they believe it. They don't know I have multiple invisible autoimmune disorders & diseases amongst other health issues, I don't have any obvious signs of illness, except psoriasis, unless you bother to look closely at the pain which shows in my eyes!!

    I too write to my MP about issues I want answers too. He's very good, even if it takes him a year to get an answer from the right person he will always, well his staff, still post me wot they've managed to discover!!

    Keep up your fight for answers as its an utter disgrace. I too am sick of the total lack of care & understanding being shown to people that struggle to get around, for wot ever reason, that it was for a Coalition Party is rubbing salt into open wounds!!

    Good luck & best wishes to you both.

    Xx xX
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    You could try writing to Willie Rennie, the current leader of the Scottish Lib Dems? They are in scarce enough numbers here in Scotland without getting additional bad publicity and presently - with the referendum on the 2014 horizon they will, I imagine, be keen to apologise and improve things for people with arthritis. I have approached my MSP and MP - both of whom are lib dems, about things RA related and both have been willing and helpful to date - particularly my MSP. Worth flagging up disability issues such as this while they are keen and needing to rise a lot in the ratings I would think? Good luck with the campaigning. Mat

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