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Hi every body after what seems like forever i have managed to get back on to the forum , hope you have all had a good Christmas with out alot of interfearence from uncle Arther . Thought i would update you re my dodgy Tkr , as some of you might remember my issues go way back , had my Tkr , then had it realined as it was mistracking , it is now 14 degrees out of line so i am now in the prosess of deciding if to have the whole thing removed and replaced , the last op was 50/50 this one is 70/40 in my favour still not sure if to have it done as there are so many more risks that come in to the equation . Its nice to be back on here x


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    Hello May its good to have you back with us..gosh you have suffered with that knee...poor you it must be so painful being out like that...hopefully if they do the op then you will have a new beginning...with a much better knee....I can only imagine what a difficult decision you have ...I do wish you well with whatever you do..and please let us know how you get on.... :rudolph: xxx
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    Hi May
    Great to see you online again.
    You have had a lot of problems haven't you?
    Sorry I cant advise you......I'm due a 2nd THR on the 28th Jan and am waffling about that because its being done because it MIGHT help my back........I wonder is it worth it after the 1st THR and the 6 weeks recovery
    So all I can do is send ((((())))

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    Welcome back May,

    It's not an easy decision I'm sure :( Has the surgeon & ure GP etc had any useful advise for you to help?

    The best of luck wot ever you decide.


    Xx xX
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    Hi, May glad to see you back on here, I hope you can come to a decision soon, it can't be easy. Have a good new years.
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    Thanks all , at the moment i am just going with the flow , my last appointment was with 3 surgeons after having both knees looked at , one had the mri and the other had the cat scan , they all said if it was just a couple of degrees out they would leave well alone but 14 degrees is quite a big deal i have also had lots of acupuncture on my back and knee helped a bit with my back not much for the knee though , i know at some point the other knee will give in , but we are all ignoring that for now , its not easy when you get ask which knee gives most pain though but never mind , i will make decisions after the new girly has had her first season , and is ready for her spay .
    Hope you all have a lovely new year xxx
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    Happy New Year to you as well. Sorry to hear you're having such a rubbish time but at least you're getting a bit of relief from the acupuncture.

    You'll make the decision that is right for you at this time in your life. Best of luck.

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