Too much pain :(

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I've had a really bad bout of ibs over Xmas and due to the cramping and pain I haven't been able to move. 2 days on I'm in agony! My legs are really hurting and I just can't get comfortable! I'm home alone too :( looks like I'll be missing lunch today.

I've got no tramadol left either :( oh well! I have got a lovely box of chocolates next to me from Xmas :P

Hope everyone had a lovely week regardless of any pain or troubles :xmas_cool:


  • Kittkat
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    So sorry you are feeling bad ! Doh. My joints have been murder the last few days finding it hard to sleep too.
    Hope you feel better soon X
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    I've spent today in bed because it hurt too much to stand up let alone walk. Hey-ho, it's because I have arthritis and this is what it does from time to time. It will pass because all things do. Rest, keep warm and I hope things ease for you soon. DD
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    I have also had a lot of pain especially in my feet. Early hours of yesterday I could just about make it from bed to kitchen, and I am on one level. I took 2 co-codomol and they really helped. I took just one last night and got a reasonable nights sleep for a change. Took just 1 this morning and that has helped me during the day. I don't like to take too many because its a vicious circle and now I am constipated. So something else to deal with. Anyone who has any ideas on that score (sorry not a pleasant subject) would welcome. Hope your pain eases.
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    Oh are not home alone when you have us lot to talk to..all though it is quiet at the mo...I do hope the IBS eases up for you very eldest son suffer from this so I know how painful it can be... some very gentle hugs..((((())))xx
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    I hope the pain has eased up..
    IBS is horrid. . Touch wood (taps forehead) mine has only played up a little over Christmas. I think I've found the cure.. don't eat!! Lol
    Of course I am joking but my appetite is still eluding me.
    Benefibre was a good one that I used when it was really bad. Very tasteless and I mean tasteless. . Some of these pooping meds claim they are but aren't. This is. Just a little in a cup of tea or on your cereal is ok.

    Best wishes..

  • DebbieT
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    I hope your ibs has eased now?!
    ((( )))

    Xx xX
  • bubbadog
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    Hi, Hope the IBS has started to ease a little, I know it can be evil, I have suffered with it for a long time.
  • Sezeelson
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    Thank you everyone!

    Things are easing off now! Few! Haven't had any severe camps today, just a few twinges. I've also hardly eaten today which is probably why... Lol

    Getting my legs moving too, I've got a hospital appointment tomorrow. Nothing has really changed but I do want to talk about my heart. My anxiety has been ridiculous since a heated argument with mum and I'm having those weird heart flutters but it's worse then ever before. I'm also having trouble with my back so would by nice to discuss some therapy.

    I think my medicine needs reviewing, I'm on 40mg of citalopram (ssri) which just isn't cutting it anymore.

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