My sincere apologies for my absence

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:( Hello,

I know I've not posted or commented but you have been in my thoughts & thank you for the messages to check on me!!x

I have had a struggle on my hands emotionally & physically which I know you can all relate too.

I was eventually seen as an emergency by a Rheumy Consultant on 20th Dec. For once it was a reasonable pain day ... Well until the attempted bending, prodding & poking started!! :lol:

She wasn't prepared to restart me on mtx without discussing it with my Dermatologist because I'm on Ciclosporin :( That's the reason my GP wouldn't & sent me to the Rheumy as an emergency, typical but better to be safe than sorry, I have to agree!! I was thoroughly examined & as I had said to her, I don't have any swelling & my markers are low but my pain isn't.

During checking my hips & knees she heard the clunking that caused me to get it xrayed in the summer. She said the xray doesn't match up with wot she's hearing & feeling so has ordered an mri of my spine & hips. My 1st for arthritis. I'm not too sure wot she thinks it'll show. I will see a rheumy again once the results are back from that.

I had a large steroid injection in the hope it would 'tide me over' to wen I'm hopefully started on that biologic, she had heard of it, it's fairly new & she said the patients already on it are doing well so far ... So I'm really hoping that my Dermo gives it the go ahead wen I see her :)

I'm in a FM flare at the moment too. It started slowly in november but my baby Grandaughter, Amelia, was hospitalized in early December & the stress & worry kicked it into high gear. I was frozen with fear, I completely shut down ... It's making me teary just typing this .... Thankfully it wasn't meningitis & after a couple of days on antibiotics & a drip she was given the all clear & allowed home!! I cried like a baby, I don't usually react like that to such situations, I'm a tad concerned I've turned into a simpering wreck :shock:

Mum & my niece came to us for Christmas dinner. Mum didn't want anything to be the same this year, it was too painful for her. My oldest sister had a star, in Andromeda M110, named after my Dad as an Xmas present for Mum. I will admit it had us all misty eyed, how thoughtful!! :)
I'm going to take some photos of the star map so I can find it with my telescope & once I'm able to find it easily I will take the scope around to Mums so she'll be able to see it too. I will attempt to photograph it thru the telescope but I don't know how successful I'll be!!

I think I've waffled on for more than long enough. I'll finish by saying that I hope you all enjoyed ure Christmas & I wish you all a more pain free & less stressful new year!!

Thank you all for the support you've given me throughout my time here.

Xxx xxX


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    Hi Debbie

    I'm sorry you've had a rough time of it and I hope you're starting to feel a bit better. Thank God your little granddaughter is ok! My first GC is due on May, and I know I'd be the same.

    I too have the clunking in the hips - actually it's in my hips and the SI joints at the back. I have OA in my spine but am also still being investigated for ankylosing spondylitis - I am waiting for a date for my second MRI to look into it. The XRay showed 'changes' in my SI joint, and that is what is responsible for the horrible clunking I think.

    Naming the star after your Dad is a lovely idea - I have often thought of doing it for my dad, we lost him 18 years ago but I still miss him dreadfully.

    Anyway, not much advice to give you but just wanted to say hello, and to let you know someone's listening!

    Take care

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    Thank you Ouch, it's much appreciated.

    Let's hope we both get answers soon eh?!

    Amelia is our 2nd, we have a 3 1/2year old Grandson too, Mason :D It sounds unbelievable as parent to be able to love anyone as much as ure own children & tho it's feels different the love for Grandchildren is indescribable. We are very lucky to be so blessed. I'm sure you'll love it too :D Congratulations x

    The star is a wonderful idea. The Great Grandchildren released balloons & sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star as a way for them to say goodbye so it's rather poignant for us all.

    Thanks again for listening.Xx xX
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    Debbie I'm so sorry you are suffering so bad, especially over Christmas time. I'm so glad your Grand Child didn't have meningitis, my sister had it when she was young, it was in the early 80's so not a lot was known about it then.
    What your sister did for your mom was so beautiful and touching.
    I hope you will get some answers soon so you can have an easier new year with controlled pain. I hope your flare will ease so you can at least have a good new years eve!
  • DebbieT
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    Thank you.

    My little brother had it too, he was far away in hospital as we were living in Germany at the time!! I didn't realise, at the time, quite how seriously ill he was. He pulled thru too thankfully.

    I received my Dermotology app this morning, 22nd Jan. I should find out if she'll start me on the biologic that day!!xxx
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    Hi Debbie,
    I hoped you were quiet because you were too busy enjoying the season, so sorry to hear what you have been going through. I am so glad the baby is doing well.
    Hopefully you get your treatment sorted out so you can get back to "normal"

    Look after yourself lady,

  • DebbieT
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    Thanks Jenny, that's very kind!!

    My wish for you in the new year is to keep ure sense of humour, continue to be strong & draw strength from the group as well as some brilliant news!!


    Xx xX

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