Been to see Vampires, Rhummey appt on the 2nd Jan 2014.

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Been to see the vampires today to get my blood taken ready for Rhummey appt on the 2nd January 2014. So it will be interesting to see what my Rhummey Consultant will say when I see him this time! My OH will be going with me as he's off work. Will let you know what happens!


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    Am I right in thinking ure diagnosis is still in question, the type I mean? Sorry, my memory is next to useless!! :oops:

    I hope it goes well & that having ure hubby with you helps. (I find mine a massive negative as he comes across rude so I just end up apologising the whole time & forget everything I wanted to ask!! He thinks he's helping & being firm. :lol: )

    Let's hope you get some answers.

    (((( ))))

    Xx xX
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    Best of luck for tomorrow. Do let us know how you get on.
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    Debbie, my diagnosis was confirmed many years ago that I have Osteoporosis and I was also diagnosed with Inflammatory Arthritis in my hands in 2013!
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    Hope all went well Bubba xxx
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    Hope your appt was worthwhile/useful & no-one came to blows!

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