merry christmas

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Good afternoon

Sorry ive not been on for a wee while, had a lot of personal problems which overtook my life for a bit..

got good news my dla renewal was accepted and the same level for both parts so was pleased there and I finally accepted that I had to apply for the blue badge and it came this morning, only took 2 weeks so things right now are looking up :xmas_cheesygrin:

on a side note I also went back to work but really had to plead with the doctor for this, ssp had run out and bills needed paying and esa was taking too long so im now on restricted duties and a restrictation of hours, got a review with work in 2 weeks to see how im managing and tbh im not managing that well but as we all know needs must come first :(

See the consultant in june for my date for surgery so hoping this will at least take away some of the pain

Merry Christmas and a very happy 2014
take care
Lily x


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    I am pleased to hear that you have had your DLA renewed plus BB, both are a boon. I am sorry about work but I understand the pressure you faced to have to return - life is not fair, yes? It is good that you have restricted duties etc. but hopefully you will be able to cope better than you suspect - we'll see, yes? I wish you well for a kinder year. DD

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