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Hi I went to my doctors today because of my constant pain and been given some tramadol do others have any experience of this drug please. She suggested I just take it at night as its quite strong but may help me get some sleep as thats been a big issue with my hip pain. Thanks


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    I found I was "Spaced Out" with it
    That's only my experience

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    If you are only taking it at night you will probably avoid the dizzy side effects as you will be asleep! I took it for quite a while as a course and it would take a good week to become used to it. I was dizzy etc. It also makes me itch. Oh, it will "bung" you up, take some senna too!
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    Hi Delaney!

    Good to see you posting. Now tramadol I was on for a good while and was able to drive (operate machinery etc :madnoel: ), no problem. Because I had been on stronger American stuff prior to it, (got ill in America).

    However. Once I stopped taking it even taking them at night made me pretty rough :? Sometimes into the next day. But then I AM a whimp!!!!

    I would take the smallest amount once in bed and on top of a little to eat and build up if had to take them now :?

    Frogmella is absoluetly right about the constipation too....prune juice, ( a small glass daily) is enough for me :xmas_redface:

    I really hope they help you lots and you tolerate them really well.

    Do let us know how you get on


    Toni xxx
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    Hi, I was recently prescribed tramadol too but found it made me very nauseous, I was confined to bed the day after and haven't taken it again! However it definitely stopped the pain and if you don't get the sickness it must be fab!
    Good luck
    Sue x
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    I found tramadol fantastic. When taking it in the morning I was comfortable enough to do some light cleaning or to get my clothes in the washing machine etc. All things I would usually really struggle with and would take me almost all day in stages.

    I didn't feel spaced out or any nausea but having used and abused Codeine I think I'm pretty used to the feeling? It really did help with sleep too.

    I have to be careful with it myself and only take it when I really need it. I have mental health issues and things like Codeine and tramadol provide me with a mental release as well as a physical one.
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    I found it helped a lot with the pain when codeine and other drugs didn't. However, after a few weeks on it I began to get very nauseous. My GP gave me something for the nausea, which worked for a while, but then the nausea got much worse and I had to come off Tramadol.

    My partner has taken it for several years, but now gets nasty side effects if he tries to come off it. Addiction problems seem to be well known but not universal.

    In my experience it seems to work for some people but not others. If it works for you, use it and good luck!
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    They totally spaced me out and did nothing for my pain, hope they work for you..............Marie xx
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    Sorry I couldn't get on with it but many get great relief from it...I hope you do..and please let us know how you get on with it..
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    I've been on Tramadol for about 3 1/2 years. I'm on the slow release type tho so don't have any side effects such as nausea & dizziness, thankfully!!

    I've found it works loads better for me compared to coco's, they just spaced me out & didn't help my pain.

    Each person tolerates meds differently so I'd suggest giving it a go. (tho I'd still recommend a chat with ure GP about the slow release type!) I agree that you should eat something b4 taking it, 20-30 mins b4 ure dose.

    Good luck.Xx xX
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    Have you braved them yet Delaney?


    Toni xxx

    PS Happy New Year :xmas_cheesygrin:
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    I'm with Debbie on this. I've been taking the slow relase ones for about 3 years or more now and they really do help. Taking the sr ones means I don't suffer much from side effects but I always have anti sickness tablets handy as I'm on methotrexate injections as well. Good luck.
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    I take normal tramadol if I really need them and slow release Tramulief at night, I was waking up a lot at night in pain from my arthritis and muscle pain and taking a tramadol before bed about 30 mins before bed only lasted for a short while and I would wake in pain but the slow release ones really do help I am scared of getting dependant on them :( so give it a break now and again, but would be lost with out them :D
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    I have been taking it a while now with no problems or no nasty side affects i take 2 around 7 in the morning and an other 2 around 2 in the afternoon i have found if i do take them any later i have trouble sleeping ,they really do help with my pain.
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    I have them available but don't take them unless things are really bad. Pain is a fact of our lives, the stronger the pain relief (what a feeble word that is because it relieves very little) the more we are removed from the pain, not vice versa. Tramadol is an opoid (morphine-based) drug hence the spaced-out feeling. DD
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    Can have the opposite effect folks... nearly booted my hubby out when he was given them :shock: ... he didn't sleep and and whizzing around everywhere, changed all the cupboards around so i couldn't find anything. Apparently this is not the normal side effect but can happen.

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