Hello everyone :)

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Hello everyone!

I hope you had the most fantastic Christmas and New Year!

My name is Rachael and I was diagnosed with Seronegative inflammatory poly-arthritis. I haven't really got a clue as to what that means but what I do know is that it affects both hips, both knees, both ankles, both elbows, right hand and left jaw!

I have been on sulfasalazine for 2 months now so just keeping my fingers crossed that it will start to kick in soon! At 23 I don't know many people with arthritis and so when I stumbled upon this I was very happy to find somewhere to come and ask advice, and hopefully offer some words of encouragement to those in need!

Speak soon!



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    Hi and welcome Rachel, sorry to hear you have this. I do too, although mine has been confirmed PsA with my spine involved as well. My is polyarthritic which is many joints as you probably know. In my jaw but thankfully only flares there occasionally. Shoulders, neck, hips, ankles, various toes & fingers, wrists, well I could go on.....

    I take triple DMARDS (sulfasalazine,hydroxychloroquine, methotrexate) and a variety of pain meds, etc. I'm still in the process of finding an effective treatment and only received my PsA diagnosis this past July. Previous to that, the illness stared in 2005 with a wrist injury. I may have had it longer and not realised. I'm 48 and now have a few joints with OA courtesy of the untreated PsA.

    Best wishes, you've found a good site for support and educational help with coping; there are some lovely people here!

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    Hello Rachael and welcome from me, too. I wouldn't worry too much about terminology. I still, after about 53 years of this, don't understand all the various different classifications. I think they subdivide every year :wink: What matters is the treatment and that's more or less the same whatever type of auto-immune arthritis we have. I hope the sulph will soon kick in but, if not, do go back. Your consultant might want to change it to another DMARD. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason why some work for some and others for others.

    I was diagnosed at 15 and can still relate to the feeling of total isolation with it all. We do have a young people's forum on here but, understandably, they are not around much so most of the younger ones who are post on the Living With Arthritis forum. Please join in wherever you feel most at home and good luck with the sulph :)
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    Thanks guys!

    It's difficult trying to find what works but I hope you find the right path soon Anna! My Mum has OA in her fingers it looks really painful so I'm sorry to hear you have developed this too! She has been using Himalayan pink salt baths (basically just putting some HPS in warm water and sitting her hand in it) and she found that helped! Maybe you could try it? I am going to start using them in a proper bath as soon as I am confident that I will be able to get in and out the bath!

    My consultant did say it doesn't matter much stickywicket because all the treatment pathways are mostly the same anyway. I suppose the worst part about it all is not having an answer as to how it will develop as even if I did have a specific type it's different for each person! Just need to wait and see I suppose but I've got my eyes on remission as does everyone I guess! :lol:
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    Hello Rachael
    And a warm welcome to the forum
    I do count myself lucky getting arthuritis in my 60s...but they are coming up with new meds all the time..
    I do wish you well and hope to see you posting more round the forum x

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