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Got the phone call to say Niamh's methotrexate will be dropped of on Tuesday and he go up to the hospital on Thursday to learn how to give the injection.

Feeling a bit [XXXX] about it all.

Text deleted by moderator - swearing


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    I'm sure you are, Lozzy, and I would be swearing too. This is a step which virtually everyone fears at first, not just those with a fear of needles and it must be much harder when it's your child rather than yourself. The good news is, though, that almost everyone who is very scared of it comes back on the forum to say it was nowhere near as bad as they feared. I do hope this will be the case for you and Niamh. I shall be thinking of you both. ((()))
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    Wow, this is a biggy and no mistake - I too would be turning the air somewhat blue thanks to anxiety, fear and stress. You have my sympathies.

    I am a big fat old woman who does her own injections but I remember the early days and the trepidation I felt - now it's second nature but my heart goes out to you if you are to be the one to inject your girl. A few tips I have garnered from the varying threads on here about it include rubbing the injection site with an ice cube to cold and numb the skin, having another person there to distract your girl with a story or favourite toy so she's not watching what you are doing, and a small treat after such as a sweetie or ten minutes watching telly (or whatever she likes to do). I am sure you will cope fine but I also hope that someone will be there to support you too. Please let us know how it goes, yes? DD
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    Hi Lozzy

    We are now 7 weeks into mtx injections and so far it is not turning out to be as bad as i expected. Sarah is incredibly lucky, she is not being sick, my relief at this is enormous! I give Sarah her injections when she is asleep and for us this is working. She had her 1st 2 awake as we had tohave nurse supervision and unsurprisingly she didn't like it. Since then i have done them while she is asleep, i think on 3 occasions she has slept through, on 1 occasion she woke up after i had injected but only a little upset and i quickly settled her and on the other occasion unfortunatly she woke up when i put on the cold spray and i had already taken off the lid of the injection so i just had to do it, she was very upset! My advice would be whether you choose to do them awake or asleep use anatop or emla cream or the cold spray that you can get as it does seem to help. You can use the spray straight away but i think having tried both i think the cream is better, even though you have to wait 1/2 hour after putting it on before you inject.

    It is not all striaght forward. We are having a very tough time with blood tests :cry: Sarah is terrified of the whole experience! however after a bit of a scare 3 weeks ago with the results her last set of results were fine so i am hoping the consultant will agree to monthly instead of fortnightly tests. that will help a little!

    Good luck happy to help with any questions if i can. still early days for us too, hoping sarah will continue to tollerate mtx as well as she has up until now!
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    Thanks ladies, I think it will have to be the spray as she won't let us put the cream on when she's had steroid injections. It's the blood tests I'm dreading more, I just hope she doesent hate me for it.