Feeling lucky but still anxious!

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Sarah has now had 7 mtx injections and has been incredibly lucky, we give her it friday evening and other than feeling very tired on the sunday after the 1st one has really not appeared to have any side effects at all. She is only 2 so cant tell me much but appears to be fine. With each one I become a little more confident that this is likely to continue but still not sure if the more that goes into her the more difficult it will become. Has anyone else been in this situation and what has been the outcome? I realise every child reacts differently so it is very difficult to tell. I also know that as she gets older her dose will increase and that is when sickness is most likely to occur but I am trying to put that to the back of my mind for now!


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    I'm so pleased the injections are going well for you and Sarah.

    As an adult, taking oral meth, I've not found that things get worse the more meth is in my system and I don't recall seeing many posts on LWA where that happened. It's more usual for intolerances to appear early on. My – purely non-medical – opinion would be that, although Sarah will presumably have higher doses as she grows, the bodyweight ratio would be much the same so, if she has no problems now, I don't see why she should have later. You could try PMing some of the parents whose children have been on meth for some time.
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    She might not get any sickness at all, Niamh's nurses have said that by giving it by injection any side affects pretty much none existent .