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Hi, I have just been told by a specialist that I have severe arthritis in my left ankle resulting from a previous break 25 years ago in a car accident. I have been having pain for about 18 months but now it really hurts when I walk. Neurofen helps and I have been given an ankle brace which also helps, I have tried different shoes and heel lifts which also help a bit. I can only take a few steps flat footed. However, I am seriously limited to how far I can walk and I limp badly. I am 43 years old with 3 children under 13 years and work part time as a teacher. The specialist has told me that when I can't manage the pain to go back to him. I have read about ankle fusions on the internet and I would like to know what the long term affect would be if I had one. I am worried what the long term affects are from my bad limp anyway and the pressure on my other leg and knees and hips. If I took painkillers all the time I could manage to get through the day reasonably ok ish but I am also worried about the long term affect of taking neurofen. I swim and bike to try to keep fit as I don't walk anyway. Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you so much.


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    Hi RosieEmma

    Thank you for your posting. I’m sorry to hear that you have been in pain for about 18 months and now you’re finding it really hurts when you walk. I am wondering if you have seen a podiatrist (a trained foot specialist). An occupational therapist may also be helpful. He/she can assess your mobility problems and help explore options with you.

    The link below is to Arthritis Research UK ‘feet, footwear and arthritis’:

    You sound like a really busy lady, and it’s great that you are trying to keep fit by swimming and cycling.

    We are not medically trained on the Helpline and unable to offer individual advice.
    You mention ankle fusion, the person best placed to answer your concerns over the long term affects would be your medical professional.

    The link below is to Arthritis Care factsheet on Osteoarthritis of the ankle and gives some information about ankle fusion:

    I wonder if it would be helpful for you to post on our ‘living with arthritis’ forum: here you may find more responses to your post, once again of shared experiences and support.

    You are most welcome to call us on our Helplines 0808 800 4050 (Monday-Friday 10am-4pm) here we can talk informally and in confidence.

    Best wishes