What qualifies for DLVA

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Hi am Janet.
I have had a trapped fermol nerve in my left leg and now told I have OA in the knee same leg..I do some exercise in my ju jitsue class. I dont run or throw (or any other thing that could hurt my leg) just walk around and strengen the upper body.
I am also self emplyed and if I stand for to long as happened over the NYE period I suffer for a few days. ( if your wondering I print balloons and supply balloon decor, had 10 balloon drops to assemble for NYE) :(
But I am very independed and can do a lot for myself.
Why am ask i know someone who has a trapped nerve and has been on DLVA for years years.
Am not saying that I should get it but would like to know as I am more active than her. But have more medical problems but try to have positive attitude.


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    I think you mean DLA, Janet, No-one can make a new claim for this. It's now PIP. Check out your eligibility here. There's also a helpline. https://www.gov.uk/dla-disability-living-allowance-benefit
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    Thank you I will. I was just wondering.. I don't class myself as disabled. But friends say I should look into it
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    I didn't class myself as being disabled but a friend, way back in 2007, told me about DLA. I was self-employed at the time and thought I wouldn't qualify but I applied nonetheless and was granted a lifetime award of higher-rate mobility. Not for much longer, I fear; just like a life term of imprisonment life does not mean life. :wink:

    I know that the PIP scheme has replaced DLA so, for the first time ever, I will be properly assessed for my needs (which is no bad thing because I am being funded by the lucky devils who are not me). I am reliant on walking aids which will mean an instant reduction in my award. So be it. Even though we live in an unfair and unjust world that is both fair and just. DD
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