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Hi I have had RA for 5 years started on hydrochloxquarquine and sulphasalazine and RA was under control. In April 2012 became really ill lost weight fatigued etc eventually also diagnosed with Sarccoidosis. Been. On prednisone since down to 5mg major RA flare up started on bottom of my feet , plantar and has also affected my wrists and arms. Now two weeks ago started on methotroxate and building upto 15mg per week increasing dosage every fortnight post blood test. Also tapering back down on steroids from 10mg till I am off them in 6 weeks time. What are experiences of a Methotroxate

How long to kick in and start working
Are the side effects as bad and common as described
Is it likely that I may need other meds , leaving aside frolic acid...

Also I. Can't take ibuprofen based painkillers so just can have co codomol 30/500,. I use a TENs machine , try exercises but the pain is now constant not sharp but dull aching deep and persistent any advice ?

Regards Phil


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    Hi Phil

    6-8 weeks to kick in ,as i mentioned before on another post i take them before i go to bed with a chip butty helps with the tummy .
    Prepare for some hair loss ,

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    Hi Phil,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. I'm sorry to hear that you've been having a difficult time with arthritis - getting a second diagnosis and adding another disease modifying drug. I want you to know that we are here if you'd like to talk about how you are feeling.

    If you are concerned about potential side effects of your new drug methotrexate (mtx) it's worth bearing in mind that many people don't experience the potential side effects. The commonest experience is of some nausea / stomach issues. Another issue with mtx can be that may be associated with inflammation of the liver - which is why everyone has regular blood tests to monitor liver function. Because mtx is so well known the monitoring means that any problems would be spotted in time for the drug to be changed if you don't tolerate it.

    The unknown is whether this drug cocktail is going to be enough to control your arthritis - that's the difficult bit - and only time will tell.

    Here at Arthritis Care we are not medically qualified, so we are not best placed to deal with medical or drug queries in detail. We'd suggest you consider having a chat with your rheumatology nurse if you like more reassurance. Also they need to be aware if your pain management is not right - they may have some suggestions.

    Also you should find good support from other forum members over on the Living with arthritis forum.

    You are most welcome to ring us on Helplines too - we really appreciate that you might like to talk about how you are feeling. Having mixed feelings over disease modifying drugs very understandable - and we would be happy to hear what's on your mind.

    Kind regards