Feeling a wee bit disappointed!

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Feeling a little bit disappointed. Sarah seems to have been feeling a little bit uncomfortable over the last 7 to 10 days, which I have been worried about, but she seemed much happier today and enjoyed her swimming. She was making herself go round in circles and she was having to use her legs loads to do so. Then we went and played in the ball pit and they have some soft shapes which sarah launched herself into then she ran about a little kicking the balls. She appeared to be having loads of fun. As we drove home i couldn't help hoping that perhaps last nights mtx injection (number eight) was perhaps the one that had made a difference. But no, i tried to straighten her leg when we got home but no joy! Also when I got her ready for bed tonight her knee was definatly hotter than the other one! Obviously still some way to go!


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    How is she now, Bethliz? I know these meds can take some time to kick in though Sarah sounds to be very active even if not all the signs are good. Watching, waiting and hoping is the really hard bit, isn't it?
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    Arthritis is a rollercoaster, Bethliz. We have the better days when we soar and the not-so-good days when we're sore; this will apply to your little one too.

    I have found over the years that it is better for me to keep my expectations low because, if things improve, I am pleasantly surprised whereas if they don't I'm not. It must be harder for you though because this involves your little girl - I'm sure all you want to do is kiss her better and make it all go away but you can't. That is tough. DD
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