9 months of twin fun

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Well they have officially lived in the outside world longer than they lived in me and my what an adventure!!

I'm still loving it and I just adore watching them grow, develop, learn and become more and more inquisitive. One minute they were rolling around to get places, the next they were commando crawling and then it was holding onto the furniture.

Tegen is already taking after both her parents with plenty of knee bruises. She has an ability to talk for endless hours, she is also an avid clapper at the moment - once you learn a skill then enjoy it - and if the cat is in sight makes little noises, gets a manic grin on her face and goes after her with arms outstretched (the cat appears to tolerate this far better than I would)! Her giggle is musical and she is a sucker for a good tickle!

Summer is a daredevil. Recent exploits include nosediving out of the cot (no major injury to her but her Dad then built the cot sides up and I burst my disc placing her in it :!: ), holding onto armchairs and swinging back and forth, feet off the ground, and yesterday she was discovered having climbed onto her little brick truck and making it go backwards and forwards whilst laughing and giggling madly. She is also definitely the big sister, despite being smaller, and her one word to date is 'no' uttered to Tegen whilst slapping the table after Tegen tried to steal her carrot :shock: .

They eat anything and everything and love to go out for a meal. We are hoping to take them swimming at the weekend for the first time (gulp, a swimsuit wearing occasion).

Some days are very hard, these are the days when teething is a popular pastime or we havent been able to get out for fresh air.

I keep being told I have double trouble but really I am most definitely doubly blessed. Not a day goes by without a good laugh. Who could ask for more from life?! :D
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    I have no maternal leanings whatsoever but you do make it sound like fun (mainly because you haven't gone on about the sleepless nights, the difficulties doing everything double and the nappies :wink: ). I hope that the parrot is getting on OK and that Mr LV is happy and settled in his work. You sound as though you are very content and that is good. I wish you all well. DD
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    LV I really enjoyed reading about the twins...it must be brilliant seeing there different characters coming through and how they interact with one another .. :D I hope you have been keeping a diary can you imagine years from now...thanks so much for the update...your poor back having to put Summer back in her cot.you really are an amazing mum... :D xx
  • applerose
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    That all sounds wonderful. You are obviously having a very good time. The twins sound delightful. Thanks for sharing those moments.
  • mig
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    Is it really 9 months already ! Love hearing about the girls,cheered us all up. Mig
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    LV, mig is right it's lovely to hear about your wonderful twins after all the sadness at the begining of the year. I bet you hardly ever watch any tv as the twins keep you amused with their little twinisums! I bet you see new changes in Tegan & Summer everyday. You will have to do little updates like these more often as I've enjoyed reading it. Carry on having double fun!! But watch your back especially with them getting heavier as they grow.
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    It has cheered me up too LV reading about your adorable sprogs :lol: what a wonderful mum you are the way you have coped with your condition and not with one but two bundles of joy, sending some of these for the twins (((()))) and some of these for you (((()))) take care pet lovely to hear from you..........Marie xxx
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    They sound precious. Glad you are enjoying their antics. Keep updating us please! :D
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    It is so lovely to hear how much you are enjoying your twins. Make the most of every moment because they grow up so quickly. Your post has cheered a lot of people up.
    Keep having fun.

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