Going from self employed to JSA

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Hi, at the moment I am self employed and happy to stay that way but I was just wondering...if I had to go back to employment and went on JSA, how likely am I to get a job given that I am 45, have OA and probably inflammatory arthritis yet to be diagnosed, ruptured disc, tendonitis...? I presume I would have to tell potential employers about it? Is JSA the right benefit to go on whilst looking for work given that I am quite bad with OA?
What do you think?


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    Hello I am on jsa and I have told them of my condition. If you think you could do a full time job( or say 25+hours) then jsa is the one for you. If you feel you could only do a few hours then I would say go for esa, although that is harder to get.
    Your condition shouldn't stop you getting a job, only you know what you can and can't do. There are people with arthritis that work and people with arthritis that don't work as with any condition.