Neck Pain

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:roll: As well as having Fibromyalgia, I also have Osteoarthritis, Scoliosis and other conditions, as far as I'm aware I do have some arthritis in the neck, though it hasn't been x-rayed. I last saw a Rheumatologist in 2008 when he confirmed arthritis after doing x-rays and a thorough examination and he did mention I seemed to have very little movement in my neck.

Although I've had 1 crumbling hip replaced in 2009, like many other people I'm sure as I've got older (52) everything seems to have got much worse. As well as the physical problems, my memory and concentration are very bad & have got a lot worse. At the moment the top of my neck, as well as the lower spine is giving me the most physical problems, with the neck, I can hear it making awful crunching sounds. I've also been told that the neck problem goes down your shoulders and into your elbows and am finding that when I am in bed at night, it's really bad and can't get comfortable. I now seem to move around at least 3 or 4 times in the night, mostly due to the neck. I have changed my pillow to get more support, I also some months ago, got really good bedding and a mattress topper, which also helps my pain in other parts of the body. Does anyone have any suggestions on anything I can do to help the neck and shoulders? I am seeing my Doctor regularly at the moment since starting taking morphine over a year ago and will see him again on Monday, the 20th January and may ask him about having an x-ray on it. He has told me that he will be looking at these issues next time he sees me.


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    Dear Francis,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. I can appreciate that neck pain can be most concerning. I don't know how much self management you've explored for your neck so far - but seeing a physiotherapist can be useful to explore the functional issues. Lots of people find doing some work on muscular relaxation on the neck and shoulder muscles helpful - as these tense muscles can make pain more difficult to manage.

    I'm attaching a link on neck pain - but you might want to post your question on living with arthritis forum, as there other people with arthritis are more likely to reply.

    I hope that's helpful