Good news for me but sad news for George

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Hi guys,

I have not been posting on the forum for some time as I have been very unwell for the last few months, I didn't realise how ill you can make yourself with stress and anxiety. However I am on the mend now and after seeing the neuro surgeon today regarding an MRI scan on my spine feeling a whole lot better. He told me my spine just has the normal wear and tear for my age with no sign of OA with which I was previously diagnosed and the pain in my legs is from diabetic neuropathy. I find this unbelievable!

So I will leave this forum now after thanking you all for your kind support in the past. I wish you all a happy new year and hope you will all be in better health.

My cat, George unfortunately has a thyroid problem which is manageable but as he isn't gaining weight since starting the medication the vet feels it's down to a mass in his stomach which won't get any better. So just a case of making the rest of his life a happy one.

Take care all of you xx


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    Sorry to hear about your cat George :( glad he has got you to give him a good quality of life and care now he's poorly.

    Always pleased to know someone has had a better drs report than they were anticipating (indeed obviously dreading), so it's very good you've had positive news from your neurosurgeon. Although, must you leave? Seems a shame - there will always be something you can read or contribute to - unless you feel that if you are OA-free you now wish to hightail it out of here, much the same as one is glad to get out of a hosp dept one has 'done with', which is quite understandable I suppose. :wink:

    Either way all the best.
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    Purpleowl,Its really great to hear your feeling better,but very sorry about George ,our girl she is pretty old is also being treated for a over active thyroid ,Hopefully the treatment and your care will let George have a happy and comfortable life with you ,As Toady said its a shame you feel you have to go ,now but I am sure you will look in from time to time and maybe post again,meanwhile I wish you all the very best for a contnued recovery ((((())))Marrianne :)
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    Hello Purpleowl
    Sorry you are leaving us you will be missed,but so glad you are feeling a little better.. :) but poor George..bless I hope he has some good quality of life left in him...
    You take care of yourself has well as George..(((()))xx
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    Purpleowl, so sorry to hear about poor George, as others have said all you can do is give him the best time he has left. As for yourself it's great news that it isn't OA, I suppose it's up to you if you want to stay on the forum or leave. Which ever you decide I'm pleased for your results and make sure George is treated like a V.I.P the rest of his life!