Can my wife get disability for her arthiritis

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Hi all

Im looking for some advice really, my wife had a bad accident in her teens when she got hit by a van. She is now in her 30's and suffers from arthiritis on her right side she gets pains in her feet knee hip and shoulder and quite often is in tears. She is too stubborn to take pain relief but i wondered what help is available, if any.


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    Welcome to the forum. I don't know much about PIP as it is a new benefit and replaces DLA but they are meant to be along similar lines. There is no hard and fast rule but if she needs help feeding and caring for herself then she should apply.

    medication could make a big difference though. I'm not trying to preach but without meds my pain would definitely be a lot worse. I'm sure she has her reasons though and many are worried by possible side-effects.

    The PIP forms will ask what medication she is on and will contact her GP if she applies.