Renoir and Rheumatism

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Dear Forum

I watched a poignant film last night called RENOIR. It's a new film that has just been released about French master painter Pierre-August Renoir. A very touching, beautifully colourful film about Renoirs later years on the 'Cote Azur' in the early 1920s.

Little did I know how much this man suffered from Rheum. Arthritis and the film makes sure to portray this fact. Luckily for Renoir he was by then famous enough in his later years to have the funds to have maids/helpers look after him.

It's funny to think I have something in common with this great Painter in that we both have/had RA. Renoir was certainly in a worse state than I am currently but when you think of the medications on offer in the 1920s that's no surprise is it.

Renoir spoke to me personally when he says "Pain passes.... but Beauty remains".

Hoping you all a pain-free day. If your wondering what film to rent tonight?... I really recommend this one.


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    Kathleen Turner is one of my favourite arthritics - who cares about the joints with a face and voice like hers? :) I am pleased you enjoyed the film and thanks for the recommendation. DD
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    Thank you, I'll look for this too.
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    My gran had RA. I remember her as having 'drifting' hands and her ankles and heels had gone so she looked as though she was walking on the inner edge of her feet. She must have developed it some time in the 1930s/40s. She'd had Rheumatic Fever which left her with a weak heart, and later she got osteoporosis so she looked even smaller as she had Kyphosis (stooped back and shoulders). Even when I was a child she looked old. She was stick thin and only 4 ft 11 inches tall. Yet she had 6 pregnancies, one resulting in twins. She lived until she was about 84.
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    Hi Cornishman,

    Thanks for the info! I love art and film, so this is very appealing and I've just added it to my rental list (LOVEF*LM).

    Not too long ago I watched Lust for Life, about Van Gogh, and that was excellent :D

    Best wishes,
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    I'd no idea he had R.A. either cornishman. Apparently he was 51 when he got it and lived another 25 years. I bet they were painful ones – no DMARDS or anti-tnfs or even anti-inflammatories. I imagine it was laudanum only. Crikey! Yet he still kept painting his masterpieces. It goes to show what can be achieved. Thanks for letting us know.
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    Christiaan Barnard the cardiac surgeon who performed the world's first heart transplant apparently had RA too.

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