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Hi everyone. Just need to have a slight moan. Am not sure if anyone else feels the same as I do about delivery people? I am totally fed up with people ringing door bell and knocking and when I get to the door, I find them about to disappear, having waited all of 5 seconds! It is not always possible to be standing behind the door to open it immediately unless one has a premonition of when something is arriving - highly unlikely!

Today it happened twice and as the postlady was about to disappear, I opened the door and told her that as I have mobility issues I, like lots of others on the forum do, it is not possible for me to 'race' to the door, nor stand behind it waiting for any post that might be delivered at any time between 12 noon (if it's a good day) or, more often than not, after 3 p.m.

Why is it that delivery people cannot wait longer than 5 seconds for the door to be answered? Are they really on such a tight schedule?

Sorry for moan, but it makes me feel so annoyed. It's not as though I crawl like a snail - yet! Actually, crawling would be totally out of the question!

Hope you are all having as good a day as possible.



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    yepp kentishlady
    i have same problem as you by the time i get to door and
    open it they have gone, and it does wind me up.
    also when phone rings i cant get to it quick enough and when i do get there
    it stops. thats a (:x)
    so i say to myself well they can always leave a message on it,
    and i can use 1471.
    but yes it does seem people havent got the time now, or im to slow
    that goes with arther :mrgreen:
    mike26 :?
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    I had this today Aswell, really annoying!
    Although I have noticed that a few years ago I was faster than my wife at everything and always waiting for her to catch up wether it be walking or eating or whatever, but she had an excuse she's 10 years older than me.
    But the last 6 months I have noticed more and more I have to try harder and harder to keep up with her!
    So yes I think it's totally wrong they can't wait longer than 5 seconds but also I sometimes don't think we dont realise we are slower than we are, but then again it's highly likely we were the same years ago. I know I used to run around like a mad man on fire only a year ago.
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    You're not the only one. Even before my mobility problems, I found they do tend to dash off rather quickly. :? I know someone with a sign on the door that says the person has a disability so moves slowly but I'd worry that it would identify me as vulnerable to unsavoury types.
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    I also have this problem , it's infuriating . Many of the order sites have a section of " delivery instructions " to fill in ; I always put : please be patient , I walk slowly .
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    Hi Beryl,

    I seem to have this problem with the phone. My mother (yes my Mother) will call me on my home phone, by the time I make it to the phone the answer phone kicks in and she will put the phone down. Then my mobile will start ringing in the other room, by the time I make it to that phone, again the answer phone kicks in.

    No matter how many times I have told my mum to phone me on my mobile, she will always do this. So I just wait now for the phone call on the mobile. I refuse to get up and pick up the home phone.

    Just like I refuse to get up and buzz anyone into the flat. I have no visitors and parcels can be collected from the concierge, who I supply with biscuits.

    Take care
    Lubs x
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    I get this problem depending on who is delivering my stuff. The ones I use most often usually wait a reasonable amount of time. But some wait far too little time, or worse yet they just post a card if there is no car at home.
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    Same with me it depends on who is depending my stuff, I have 2 post people who know me, a courier driver who knows me and a Chemist delivery woman & man who know me and these people always wait longer for me. Any others don't wait very long. I think there should be a longer waiting time between, it should be in the training 'not many people can get to the door as fast as superman!'
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    I think you struck a raw nerve here, Beryl.

    Many online companies allow you to say where to leave the parcel if you're not in. We're lucky in that our boiler used to be outside so we have a little 'cupboard', not that I could get most things out of it without help. As for the phone, I just carry it about with me. I'd never reach it otherwise.
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    I have a note which was stuck to our front door and now decorates our outside postbox. It says 'Please wait for me, I may be a little while.' So far, so good. Of course delivery people waltz off - they do not have mobility issues because if they did they wouldn't be doing what they do. We live in impatient times - traffic lights green, no-one moves leading to a blare of horns, frantic counting in the 'ten items or less' queue, I'm sure you get my gist. DD

    PS Further to Lubs' comment about the 'phone, what gets me is someone who tries my landline, it's engaged so they ring my mobile because my landline is busy. :roll: Well, duh. I have a telephone handset in every room and am now carrying my mobile around with me in case of further 'mishap'.
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    Wish I could make the front door in 5 seconds. The quickest time
    from the nearest point (my study) is 15 seconds; then another 30
    seconds to open security locks. By then the xxxx are in the next

    [Moderated for swearing - Mod B]
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    I am lucky as I live in a one bedroom flat whatever room I am in I am not too far away from the front door, as for the phone I have got one in the bedroom as well as the sitting room so able to access quite quickly........................Marie xx

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