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Hey all
Just a quick q. Had my blood test last week(mon) after an increase in meth.Got told to ring the hospital friday no answer. Tried monday no answer ( whoever it was was away). Tried my gp they didn't have them. So I tried the helpline and they said they would get back to me. Last time I rang they didn't get back to me. Am I right in thinking if the results wern't okay I would hear from them?
Thank you


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    My GP has rung me if there has ever been a slight anomaly (twice in 4 years) In fact the second time was last week and I have today had a repeat test. One reading was higher than it had been before but still well within the parameters. I work on the assumption that no news is good news. If anything was badly adrift I think that I would be the first to know as I would feel ill.
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    Thank you Pot!Hopefully am alright!
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    Hello I work the same if I don't hear anything all is OK. I have always been contacted by GP if he needs to discuss blood results. Like today I had a letter to make a routine appointment to discuss. As the letter says routine I know it is not urgent but have made an appointment anyway. Try not too worry too much. Hope you have a good day.
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    Like the others I trust my GP to notify me of any problems but I do know they are excellent at doing this. Unfortunately your GP can't tell you anything if he/she hasn't got the results back. If there was no problem before the increase I'd tend to assume no problem after but, if they said they'd contact you then they should so I'd keep chasing them on that - but not worrying :wink:
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    I have always been contacted by GP or consultant if there are any discrepancies with my bloods, I would say no news is good news, although , I would still chase them up to put your mind at rest...............Marie x

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