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Has anyone been in my position that Ihave paid into my employers pension for 20 yrs. My employer was crafty as in to pay me off after 20yrs they put it down to me been of my work for a time . During my time of Iwas getting treatment/going for tests/going to hospital for mMRI etc.I had meetings with occupational health which on 4 occasions they said I was unfit to do my duties. My employer paid me of on the Feb 2012 Ifinally got told by my hospital doctor on the Dec 2012 that iI had osteoarthritis. So to me this dismissal was unfair. I have been online looking at medical retirement , it says where you can't do your duties then your employer has to look into this. I have in the last couple of days got word back from my union who have said there is no such thing as medical retirement it is only a (euphemism)has anybody heard of this. How can i fight this?. What i think it is it comes down to money,my employer would have to pay me untill i was 65 so this will cost them. But where i am coming from this is unfair to people like ourselves that we cant help having arthritus i have it both shoulders therefor i have limited movement . Help!


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    My suggestion would be to take a look at There are a number of forums on this site, and if you register, you will be able to post your question in the relevant one. There are a number of people who are registered and specialists in employment law and I'm sure they would be able to help :). Good luck and let us know how you get on.
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    And also our working part of the forum..or you could go and have a word with cab..good luck with it all ..
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    I had a 'medical retirement' it added a few years to my earned pension years to make up for earlier than normal retirement, the system is still being used and I for one am gratefully underemployed! My life would be hard without such schemes.

    However, you need representative assistance in some form, don't do anything without it.
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    Airwave is right you need a rep or some kind of support, r u in a union?, mine was great without them God only knows what the Ice Queen would have done to me!.