Hi everyone, seems I'm starting on my journey :)

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Hello, I'm Martin. Seems like there are a few of us newbies arrived just recently!

I've just been diagnosed with RA on monday and placed on mtx 15mg and 10mg folic acid 2 days later (is that the right abbreviation?) which I've decided to take on a sunday evening, so counting down the days.

To be honest, it's a relief that there is something recognised and now I'm in the system after all this time.

I had my first rheumatologist appointment in December and he did x-rays of feet, knees (also had a mri on my right knee that got bad a while ago - it had been done before i saw him, but he didn't seem to have access to it) and hands. Did bloods, more bloods - luckily i don't mind the needles - i like to challenge the blood nurse to find my vein in my tattooed inner elbow :)

He said at the time that he thought it was gout as there wasn't much small joint pain, or swelling in them, only wrists and crunchy ankles and knee. He gave me colchicine to take twice a day which didn't help.

Anyhoo, this time, new bloods came back, uric levels are low now but anti ccp is over 200. Why can't gp's test for that? or can they? If they can, why don't they if they are taking bloods for things like uric acid levels due to joint pain?

I've been reading up here occasionally since december due to my slow realisation of what might be going on with me and I'm looking forward to becoming a member of the community :)


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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I have two kinds of arthritis and last Friday I broke my left arm - typing one-handed is not fun so I will be brief.

    I don't know for how long you were dealing with the symptoms but I went for five years un-diagnosed and when I began the meds it was too little too late. It is worth remembering that GPs know a little about a lot whereas rheumatologists know a lot about a little. The main thing is you will be starting the meth and FA and I hope you feel some benefit sooner rather than later. I guess you know your way round the forum so I hope to see your name here and there. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Martin and welcome from me too.

    I think mtx is the correct abbreviation but many of us on here call it meth. If you're on it for any length of time your blood nurses might be well challenged with or without tattoos to negotiate. My veins now bury themselves at the sight of the needle :lol: and I've occasionally been asked to re-book when they had to give up. It is, I'm afraid, a necessary evil for us on meth.

    I don't know if GPs can test for the stuff you mention but they can't treat RA anyway (except as directed by the rheumatologist) so it wouldn't make much difference if they were sure you had it.

    I hope you'll find us helpful and informative and please join in anywhere you like
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    Hello Martin and welcome form me
    Like you say its a relief to get a name to whatever is going on..then you can start treatment..you will find lots of info on the the forum and also get support...so I do hope to see you posting more very soon..
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    Thank you everyone :)

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