glucosammine sulphate

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i am taking glucosammine as a supplement.
do they work as my GP seems to frown upon them.


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    Thank you for your posting on the forum. Supplements may help some people while not helping others so it is very much an individual issue. What is important is that you check out with your doctor that whatever supplement you use is safe for you to take. You can get more information on supplements from our booklet ‘Healthy eating and arthritis’ on the link
    The organisation Arthritis Research UK also has information on glucosamine that you can access on the link
    If you would like to talk things through regarding your arthritis you can call us here on the freephone helpline on 0808 800 4050 (10am-4pm weekdays).
    I hope this information is helpful.

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    Hi Regular

    GP's used to prescribe glucosamine and I know of people who said they really thought it helped their osteoarthritis. Saying that it did not do anything for me). Some time ago NICE recommended that GPs no longer prescribe glucosamine on the NHS and stated that patients who wished to buy it should be advised to expect only a mild-to-moderate reduction in pain and should review the situation after three months.

    It appears to me it is a very individual decision to make and the only way to find out if it helps is to try it. Your GP should however be made aware that you are taking it should you decide to do so

    I have read that it may be more beneficial to take Glucosamine 1500 mg once daily than 500 mg three times a day. easier to remember that way too!

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    We are not medically qualified and advice people to discuss supplements and medication bought over-the counter with their doctor/GP. This is because drugs and supplements (including herbal remedies) can interact adversely. There are reports that glucosamine interacts with anti-diabetic treatments. They may also interact with chemotherapy drugs and drugs that lower blood cholesterol. Dosage should also be discussed and agreed with your doctor. Also, taking a higher dose once a day to avoid taking three smaller doses may have safety/health implications we are not aware of. Talking with your doctor/GP will help to get the most out of these over-the-counter products.
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