Painful wrist and small lump on wrist has appeared

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I have had a few good days so am happy about that but last night my left wrist was painful and a small large pea size lump appeared on inside of my wrist. I had to put on wrist support early hours and have worn them all day. I am on Meth and Hydroxy (but have only been taking this for 3 weeks so am still in process of it getting into system). I took a Naproxen midday and will probably have to take one tonight as pain is still there. Has anyone else had this happen so suddenly. Many thanks for your time in reading this.


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    Hi Valde , several years ago that happened to me too. It turned out to be a ganglion cyst . It just kind of appeared, just popped out and I got it checked out at Drs who told me what it was. I was told that it was harmless and might just drain naturally (which it did ) . It got that I could push it back in but it would always manage to pop back out. I'd say it was slightly uncomfortable but not too ouchy . It eventually just went away and I haven't thought about it for many years. It really put my mind at rest seeing my GP and I'd say you should get it checked out anyway. I've a funny feeling my dr said people with RA are prone to ganglion cysts.
    Take care x
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    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. It does sound about right what you say in fact I had forgotton that I had one on my ankle a good while back and that is what the doc said it was. I had totally forgotton with all that has gone on this year. Many thanks once again
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    In the past I 've had several 'rheumatic nodules'. They just disappeared in time. I don't know if they're the same as ganglions. My advice would be to tell the doc next time you go but not to worry about it.

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