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Well after much thought I decided not to start methotrexate so my rheumy has started me on hydroxychloroquine along with my sulfasalazine and naproxen. Will start them tomorrow.

I've also been attending physiotherapist for the pains in my hands and shoulder/arm. Was giving odema gloves - hopeless! Back today and been given bands to try strengthen my wrists and shoulder muscles. Has anyone been to physio and it's helped them?


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    I've always found physio helpful but, in the past, my problem was that I didn't keep it up at home after the appointments finished. It was only when I realised I could be seriously incapacitated if I didn't do the exercises regularly that things changed for me. I do hope you find the physio and hydroxy help.
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    Hi - I'm currently on Hydroxichloraquine on it's own having tried it previously in combination with Methotrexate (oral and then injectable) and also previously tried Sulfasalazine. It is the only DMARD you don't need to have blood tests for and, although it didn't seem to have much affect on my RA when I took it for a year with the MTX - this time my ESR has gone from 52 to 17 since I've been taking it on it's own. I have almost no joint pain at all presently and I think the AdCal D3 which I now take must be helping it work more efficiently this time round.

    I might just be in spontaneous (and temporary) remission of course but I just wanted to say that Hydroxy appears to be working brilliantly for me and gives me no side effects at all. I know at least two others for whom it's been very effective at controlling their RA as well. Good luck! Mat

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