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Hi, as a newcomer to the forum, briefly, have recently been diagnosed with RA, have been prescribed with Methotrexate and Folic acid to be taken weekly. The dose is to be increased weekly. Have also been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is causing pain to my hands and numbness and no grip. I have read of some people having taken an anti inflammatory also but according to the dispensary chemist I should not take ibofrofen with methotrexate. My question is, will the methotrexate relieve the CTS ? Any advice would be useful, thank you.


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    While I am no doctor, if you have been diagnosed with RA, it is likely causing the inflammation in your wrists and your CTS. The best source for information regarding this is your rheum, or GP. Methotrexate will control inflammation by depressing the immune system to some degree, so will likely help your CTS but it takes about 3 months to work.

    Methotrexate and anti-inflammatory drugs are not used together; I believe they have a negative effect on your kidneys, so always check with a doctor before considering taking these. Methotrexate is a powerful drug and to be used with caution.

    Best wishes, Anna
    PS I have CTS that was diagnosed years before the discovery of the primary inflammatory problem, PsA.
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    Hello Cadge and welcome from me, too.

    I take methotrexate, too, and folic acid. I've not had CT but, if it's caused by the RA, then my understanding is that getting the RA under control will help, (though it's unlikely to cure) the CT. Several people on here have had operations on their carpal tunnels and I think they've gone well. You seem to have strayed onto the wrong forum. It's all very confusing at first, isn't it? If you re-post o the Living With Arthritis forum I'm sure more people will see your thread.

    As for anti-inflamms and meth - the pharmacist (and Boomer :lol: ) is right. They are not normally taken together. In some circumstances they may be prescribed together but you'd need to get your rheumatologist to decide. I believe they can inter-react.
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    My daughter is on MTX + folic acid. She has been on Naproxen in addition to this when she's had some swelling. I noticed a warning about MTX on the label just last night, but it was prescribed by the Rhuemy team.

    She had the Naproxen for a month before Christmas and it did a great job.

    I suggest you speak to the rheumatologist or specialist nurse.
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    My son has been on methotrexate and anti-inflammatories, first ibuprofen and more recently piroxicam, at the same time - prescribed by the rheumatologists. They did reduce the ibuprofen dose slowly when the methotrexate started but they still want him to have both.