Breast and Other Abscesses

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Hi, hope I'm in the right place (newbie - Hello!!! :) ).

I wondered if anyone else has had problems with these? I've had recurrent groin abscesses for years, random ones in my armpit and over my hip but a few weeks ago I came up with a large swelling (mastitis I think) and an abscess which progressed to multiple abscess sites on my breast. The mastitis cleared with the first lot of antibiotics but I'm now on my third lot and the abscesses are still hanging on in there :cry:

Absolutely no chance of it being anything remotely pregnancy related.

I've read on some sites that there is a link with RA causing breast abscesses, no idea why but wondered if others have had the same problem and any tips for getting rid of them.

Thanks for any help.


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    Hello, in all my years on here I don't think I've come across this. I take it you have RA, if so what meds are you taking for it? I know that the immune-suppressants can inhibit healing (I've had insect bites that have lasted a year) and if I am put on antibiotics for any reason I stop my meth and humira (as my hospital advises me) so that my immune system can fire up and help them do their work. I think you need to speak to your rheumatology team about this - we are not docs so cannot advise. I wish you well. DD
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    I haven't heard of this either and I've had RA for far too many years :lol: I haven't even heard of it in relation to the meds let alone the RA though, as they do suppress our immune systems, they might be a culprit. It sounds nasty, though. What does your rheumatologist say about all the abcesses?
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    I don't want to be a scaremonger so please don't think I am. However, my Mom had inflammatory breast cancer and it was initially treated as mastitis - similar presentation often. I guess that as your mastitis has cleared with antibios that it probably isn't anything nasty (my mom's didn't get beter with antibios) but it might be worth mentioning to your doc next time you are there. It often gets missed. Obviously I am not a doctor. Nor do I want to alarm you. I hope I haven't.
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    Hello Eve
    I've suffered with these for 25 years, mainly groin, armpit and breast area and they are so painful and leave awful scarring. I had a diagnosis of hidradenitis supprivata (not sure of the correct spelling off of the top of my head) I have managed to bring them under control by only showering with a product called hibiscrub, same stuff that they use in hospitals. They tend to flare when I am run down. If I feel one starting I'll use a magnesium sulphate paste and a dressing to draw anything out before it becomes any worse. They are awful and you have my utmost sympathy.
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    OMG OMG, I have these in my groin, esp when I am run down, I felt daft mentioning it to my gp who dismissed them! - they are quite painful and go away eventually!, I have had them on my breast but not for a long time - mainly groin and not all the time.

    I have unspecified sero negative arthritis - I never thought they were linked to my condition but it would make more sense if they were.