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Hello everyone,
I've just registered to join the forum, I'm 60 years old (body that is, in my head I'm a lot younger! :lol: ) Yes it's the body that's giving me the problems. I was living in France when my joint problems really got going, tho' I've had a back problem since my early forties. Although I was treated by a rheumatologist there no-one actually put a name to my illness. It's only since coming back to the UK at the end of 2011 that I've finally got a name for it, psoriatic arthritis!
I feel really well looked after by my rheumatologist and the team here, but it hasn't all been plain sailing. I'm on methotrexate by injection because increasing the dose with the tablets gave me bad problems with my stomach. This has really settled my skin down, which I'm pleased about. My blood results haven't been too good tho', my liver function readings are too high and my white count is too low! It seems nothing is straightforward for me. I had to stop my treatment for a couple of months to allow the blood results to get more normal, and I re-started my injections 3 weeks ago. At the moment I've got a really heavy cold, and so the treatment has to be stopped again to give me chance to get better. Feels like one step forward and two back all the time lately!
I've been reading some of the posts, and while I'm sorry you guys are suffering from arthritis too, it feels better to know I'm not on my own.


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    Hello, it's lovely to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I too have PsA plus OA and fibro then, to add a mould days agoy cherry to the top of my rotting cake of life, 12 I broke my upper left humerus by tripping over my new rollator so things - oddly - are not as good as they were. :wink: I cannot stay long but I hope that others will see your post and reply. I will be back tomorrow, OK? DD
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    Hello & welcome Annie,

    I'm nearly 44, in May. I was diagnosed aged 37 with Osteo Arthritis (OA) & Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA). I also have Fibromyalgia, severe chronic Plaque Psoriasis & most other types will pop up as & wen they feel like it :lol:

    My Psoriasis has been a nightmare to control, it took 2 years on oral 20-25mg Methotrexate (mtx) b4 it cleared a flare so I've been put on Ciclosporin now & that's not working either so I have taken the 1st step on the Biologic route ... yesterday!! Gulp :wink: :shock:

    Biologics may be worth discussing with your Rheumatologist when you see them next, is it something they'll consider for you a bit further down the line?!

    Do the Rheumys, a pain clinic or ure Gp help you manage ure pain? Also if ure Rheumy Dept hold courses in pain management/Fatigue etc I think they're definitely worth while attending. Learning to 'pace' in our slower lives can be very frustrating & upsetting ... I found a coping skills course really helpful personally.

    **I must stress that the Biologic I'm being put on is by my Dermatologist not my Rheumatologist & It's called Stelara/Ustekinumab. I believe it is the only one currently available for psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis specifically!!**

    I hope you find solice in numbers, I know many of us do.


    Xx xX
    Healing Hugs
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    Hello Annie and a warm welcome from me
    Like you say its good to have people to talk to that understand some of what you are going through..
    I have OA so I cant offer..I do hope you stay with us..and when you feel like it join us in chitchat we do light a laugh now and then..x
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    Hi Annie, welcome to Arthritis Care Forum! Hope you enjoy the site. I can't help you because I a different type to yours but just wanted to pop by and say hello. :)
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    Hello AnnieC and welcome from me, too. You're quite right – it's much better to be part of 'the arthritis gang' than slogging it out alone.

    Mine is RA and I've had it for most of my life but, apart from the odd replaced joint, I've had a relatively easy run with it and now get by nicely on meth (oral) and hydroxychloroquine. I hope you can get back on yours soon. I'm very antisocial around people with colds these days :lol:
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    Hi Annie,

    Welcome from me, as it is OA and a lot of other dross I have, I just want to let you know we are all here to support one anther regardless, nice to meet you hope to see you around...............Marie x
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    hi anniec
    pleased to meet you i to have PsA and on methotrexate inject and leflunomide tabs,my skin psoriasis is fairly well controled unlike my PsA
    about to start TNFs soon.
    like you say it often seems like 1 step forward and 2 back and often just when you think mm i seem to be getting on alright,it slaps you in the face again :mrgreen: hope it settles better for you soon..
    I had to stop working when i reached 60,and im gratefull it didnt stop me working any younger.. tho it was difficult after 50..
    good luck mike26 :roll:
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    Hi AnnieC;

    Very nice to meet you. I have spondylitic PsA too that wasn't diagnosed very quickly either, mainly because I didn't have classic skin psoriasis. I showed the first signs of serious arthritis 8 years ago, had a seronegative inflamm. arthritis diagnosis 1.5 years ago, and had psoriasis confirmed this past July. It was indeed nice to finally have a name for it. I have a couple of problems that are outside the usual PsA. I'm still waiting for explanation/diagnosis for these. Oh, and I'm 48.

    I take triple DMARDs at the moment and just switched to injectable mtx in preparation for starting antiTNF's in a few months as my arthritis and skin are not currently controlled. I really thought I'd be back at work and generally more capable by now but here I am.....Still hoping I'll be able to go back to my job at least part-time someday. I've had some pretty amazing work experiences in my life and PsA has certainly put a damper on that!

    It does really help to talk to others with similar problems and, in general, there is a wealth of information from other sufferers of the various types of arthritis.

    Best wishes.