My Anti-Freeze Bluezzz

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Dear Forum

Had to share my poetry blues with you, maybe it resonates with some of you, hope it makes you laugh. Better sung or spoken with a deep bluesy voice xoxo

My Anti-freeze Blues

I woke up this morning; pain from my head down into my toes
Rain beating on my window frame; nowhere i really wanna go
It’s blowin’ 100 miles an hour now; i’ve got those odd anti-freeze blues – it’s so blue
So i know what i need to do right now; have another swig on that bottle of anti-freeze blue – it’s soo blue

Yes my joints are all seized up; from my fingers down into my toes
Oh my head is not on straight; i hate the way this feeling goes
So i’ve found the only way to ease it; is have another swig on that bottle of anti-freeze blue - why is it so blue

Yes... it stops my joints from freezin’; helps with my sneezin’ too
Yesss it stop my joints from freezin’; helps with that sneezin’ too
That colour looks so inviting; hand me that cool anti-freeze blue – oh baby that is blue
I love my coolant antifreeze; please can you hand it over to me –thank you baby blue

Need some Chilli Hot sauce; so you can rub it all over me
Oh I need that special Hot sauce; so you can rub it into me
My car is all frozen so i give her some of my cool blue anti-freeze blues – thank you oh your so blue
This is one of those mornings; where my good old friend anti-freeze comes shining through –Baby your so blue -yesss oh so blue --uh huh...


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    That's very good, Cornishman, I enjoyed it! Over on the ChitChat board on here there's a permanent poetry thread - please re-post it there so it doesn't get lost. DD
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    Health & Safety requires me to point out that drinking Anti-Freeze is not advisable and has no known benefits for arthritis :wink: Ditto smearing oneself with Hot Chilli Sauce :wink:

    Nice one, cornishman.
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