Reasonable adjustments - any suggestions?

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Hi all

I have pa and it is now starting to affect my work, my hands and feet are a bit of a mess!. I am lucky enough to work for a large council who I am hoping will be supportive. My job is office based and I plan to seek assistance under the equality act of 2010. My manager is referring me to OH so he can understand my needs.

He has said I need to let him know what I need, and I am not sure what to ask for. Also worried if I ask too much it may count against me. Here is what I have so far

Soft touch keyboard
Pen/pad instead of mouse
Work from home 1 day a week
Come in late/finish late if sore
Dictation software to save hands

Not sure if I am being cheeky so was after some advice

Can I ask for time off for medical appointments?




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    Hi, I don't know much about this because I was self-employed (I had a smashing boss :wink: ) but my husband (who is in the private sector) had an assistant with psoriatic arthritis, she had the equipment you've listed and worked from home for one, then two and finally three days a week. I am not sure about the time off for medical appointments, my best guess is you would have to book these as leave; the CAB may be a good source of info on this. DD
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    Thanks for that. Having said all that I now suspect my manager has not referred me yet. Bit annoyed tbh as was nearly 4 weeks ago and I have been hanging in there hoping things would change.

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