Itchy rash - on Tocilizumab & methotrexate

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Hi all,

Hope everyone is ok

just a quick question;

I have this rash all over my belly, neck and chest. It's on the top sides of my thighs too.

Some times it comes up raised and is sore like nettle rash; most of the time it is red and blotchy and so itchy I could scratch it to death with sandpaper (like now!) :oops:

occasionally it comes up in circles -

I have googled this and as per the NHS website I believe it to be Urticaria or hives rash.
apparently, folk with RA are prone to getting it according to the nhs site due to the cells attacking the skin as well as the cartilage.

I am taking piriton and have used eurax cream but it is driving me crazy right now....

am I reacting to meds??? - is it the arthritis??? I am so confused.

can anyone offer advice??

as usual the nurses at my hospital are busy and don't care; they don't tell the doc or my gp :roll:

any advice will be greatly appreciated...



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    Hi I'm yet to start the tocilizumab but know from research the site area usually causes rashes I'm not sure about other areas also the methotrexate can cause rashes I have a few small red rashes when I was on that, I'd go to the gp though just to get a double opinion as Ino the tocolizumab has higher risks of shingles (sorry not trying to worry you) just a precautions

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    I am used to rashes, itching and redness but there again I have had some experience of these thanks to a history of eczema and, in later life, psoriasis. I am not aware that RA affects the skin as such but know that its close cousin, psoriatic arthritis, does. I stress that I am not suggesting for one moment that this is happening to you but, if meth is one of your meds, then your rheumatology bods should be taking note. I wouldn't bother about contacting my GP, I prefer to go for those in the know. I once had meth rash on my forearms but mistook it for summat else. Fight your corner, yes? I wish you well. DD
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    I agree with DD, you should let your rheumy know and not just ignore it.

    Best wishes, Anna
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    Call your help line as soon as you can, the GP would be clueless because they don't usually have a lot of knowledge about these medications. It's always best to get these things checked out, even if we think we're wasting their time, its better to be safe than sorry!
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    I completely agree!! These meds arent to be trifled with in my opinion, so I'd definitely get intouch with ure Rheumy team.

    It's best to be on the safe side I think!!

    Please keep us posted.


    Xx xX
    Healing Hugs