Oh no what's happening!!

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Hi everyone, you know I've been suffering with my left shoulder which is bad enough! Well yesterday I started getting sparks of pain in my right arm just thought I had triggered a nerve, well at 4.15am this morning woke with tremendous pain in my arm, felt like I had broken it. Main pain is in my elbow to half way down my arm. I can't weight bare. I'm totally baffled no idea what's going on, luckily I'm at the hospital on Wednesday, anyone got any idea's please? :?


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    Oh dear Bubba that sounds very painful, I am afraid I have no idea what it could be, I am glad you have an appointment on Wednesday hopefully it is nothing serious (((())))..............Marie x
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    At the risk of sounding flippant and facetious I'd say what's wrong is you have arthritis :roll: It gets the wanderlust from time to time and likes to explore new venues. It might be that you were lying on it overnight and had it at an odd angle. It's not for nothing that we call the humerus our 'funny bone'. It does seem to create a deep pain that used to actually make me feel sick. If this is what's going on then I'm sure rheumatology will deal with it on Wednesday by upping your meds or adding to them. However, if you think it might be broken (Don't you have osteoporosis?) maybe you should get it checked out.
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    Hi bubbadog, I don't know if it's the same thing as yours, but I suffer terribly with my right elbow. I apparently have both tennis elbow and golfer's elbow (makes me sound so sporty :lol: ), and it's agonising. It is killing me now, as I have just carried a (not very heavy) bag, and now as soon as I bend it it makes me want to throw up. Sometimes I wake up, having not used it all night, and it's sickeningly painful. I put it down to lying on it and aggravating it.
    When I bend it it feels like it is going to snap. It was the rheumatologist who diagnosed it, and has referred me to a pain clinic (still waiting) for a joint injection.