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So hubby asks as we needed bread while out shopping what's the date it's the 14th says I,valentines he said where's my card says he ,same place as mine says I.All I can say is there must be a big pile in that place called same place as mine ! Mig


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    Oh Mig you are not on yout hubby has just come in for some lunch...thought he might have got me one....I never learn...think we should send ourselves one and get them thinking.. :lol:
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    In 1993 I downloaded and printed two cards- one for the Chief Fairy and
    the other for me - and we put them up every year on this day.
    The sentiments we wrote on each others cards havent changed over the years
    and the cards still look good.
    Are we romantics or not?
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    Practical romantics, ichabod. I like it.
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    :lol: What's Valentine's Day?
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    Well, I will have an evening surrounded by teenage boys as my son's band are spending it here. The reason they are all spending it here is because the parents of the other 4 boys are all going out for dinner tonight and I am the only one staying in! How depressing is that? :lol:
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    Next door had flowers delivered and she wasn't in so they brought them here... :( thought they were for me.. :oops:
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    Well I'm sat here on my own, had a glass of rose and a curry and am now watching a film, Leap Year. It's a little bit like P.S. I Love You with no sad bits. It's really funny.

    Valentine's Day is very commercialised though, isn't it? I do like what you do Ichabod. Barbara, you buy yourself a lovely big bunch of flowers next year. You too Mig. Ouch, you have a night out tomorrow and send your son to their house.

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