How Long Can you Leave Taping On

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Does anyone know How Long you Can Leave Taping On


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    Ask the person who's taping you, they should know.
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    The physio should have told you this piece of vital information. Give the physio department a call. Out of interest I wonder when your next appointment is.

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    When is your next appt? It was suggested to me to keep it on as long as possible. However, I had weird skin that refuses to allow tape to remain on it for very long. It can get a bit itchy too.
  • Julie37927
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    I have always been told to leave it on as long as possible. I sometimes use an old tight sock and leave it over the tape, add a plastic bag over that and tape it around your calf for showering or bathing. Some tapes last longer than others and act as a second skin (kinesio tape) so you really want it on for as long as possible.