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Is this a case of media hype?

My heart goes out to anyone whose home has been flooded and especially those who can no longer either get insurance or sell their properties as a result but.....

Since last week 800-900 homes in S England have been flooded in the recent storms.

In the coastal surge of December last year 688 were flooded on the Yorkshire coast alone. I don't remember this kind of media coverage.

Nor was there much during the previous big flood of June 2007 when 23,479 homes were flooded in Yorkshire and Humberside alone along with 3718 businesses. We didn't hear much about that on national TV.

Is it any wonder we northerners feel it's a country of two halves?

(Figures taken from the blog of BBC meteorologist Paul Hudson http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/paulhudson/posts/UK-flooding-put-in-context )
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    I think that come the New Year Somerset etc was all but forgotten, it wasn't until the 'Jag and gin' brigade in the Home Counties were affected that the media surge tried to match the swollen rivers. Yes, we have a country of two halves, North and South (my thanks to Mrs Gaskell for that phrase) and thus it will stay thanks to the capital being where it is. Doesn't make it right though. DD
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    Well said SW..the nearer it gets to parliament the more hype there is.. :roll:
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    So true SW and Barbara
    The closer to parliament the more hype....Barbara is right

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    My heart goes out to those in somerset, although I'm in somerset (on a flood plain) it hasn't really touched us. I can only imagine what those poor people are going through.
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