Wheat bag warning.

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I'm sure that many of you out there use microwaveable wheat bags in complete safety but they can be tricky customers. An elderly lady nuked hers longer than she should, took it to bed where it continued to 'cook' setting fire to her bedding - she died. Please be wary, my lovelies, please. DD


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    Ohhh That's awful DD
    I do know that the chemist B**ts stopped doing them because of safety reasons......{this was a few years ago, don't know if they ever re started}

    Thanks for the message

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    Thanks for the warning DD,it's something that could be easily done. Mig
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    Oh that's awful, tragic :(

    I'm very careful with mine but I'll discuss this with my O/H & kids, thanks DD.

    Xxx xxX
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    Other overheated wheat-bag accidents have occurred, for example furniture smouldering and people burning their bare skin. They are a useful tool for those who appreciate heat but caution should be exercised. DD
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    Oh my goodness I'm in love with my wheat bags :o

    I'm permanently attached to one at the moment, I have three on the go so I've always got one to heat up next! (Look a little crazy surrounded by colourful bean bags :wink: )

    I'm not sure how you know how long is too long though? I do like it pretty hot!
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    Thanks for the warning, DD :)

    Best wishes,
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    Thanks DD, I have 3 of them, and I always stick to the time in the micro, but recently one of them has started to smell of burn
    Think you are suppose to sprinkle water on them now and then...
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    Thanks for the warning DD, What a tragic accident, The makers should look in these dangers and find a way to make them much safer as they are a wonderful idea. My OH prefers the good ol' hot water bottle!!
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    Thank you DD
    my one you put it in the microwave for 2 min's wrote on the label.
    thank you for saying.
    joan xx
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    HI DD
    I stopped using wheat bags after my daughter`s wheat bag teddy started to catch fire in the microwave (I stuck to the manufacturers advice too!)
    I had to throw it in a bucket of water outside and had to replace my microwave as it was so smelly after!!
    I have a few different sized hot water bottles now and I have become quite a dab hand at strategically placing them under waistbands and belts to keep in place.
    Good warning!!
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    The trouble is, of course, that wheatbags are a godsend for those of us who are rubbish at screwing :oops: and / or shoving tops in. I'm actually amazed that they keep 'cooking' once out of the microwave as I find their big disadvantage over a 'hottie' is that they seem to go cold so quickly. Ah well, my microwave is next to the taps. If I'm on fire in bed it'll be a big surprise to Mr SW :wink:
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    Oh my gosh, what an absolute tragic accident. So sad. :( Thank you for the warning.
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    Thanks for the warning DD. I had a new wheat pack as a gift at Christmas, and the instruction leaflet said to heat with a small water container to prevent it drying our- I haven't tried it yet but it might be a good idea.

    Deb x
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    I'm unsettled: I didn't want to scaremonger but I am aware that microwaved things keep 'cooking' after removal (hence all the palaver of stirring, resting and stirring again. Why? :? ). We had a micro at the old house which provided a useful store for things and was eventually donated to charity, now we have a built-in effort at No.10. I've cleaned it (it was filthy, the previous owner was somewhat mucky) but I don't use it, don't do heat (I have fibro :wink: ) but I know that many of you need heat and don't have fibro. Just be careful, please. DD
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    Hi again, DD,

    Don't be unsettled, as it's important for us to know these things! :)

    The leaflet that came with my new wheat bag included the same advice mentioned by Deb, to heat with a small water container, so I half-fill a mug with cold water, pop it next to the bag in the microwave, and it does seem to make a difference. There's less of a burning smell, for one thing, so that must be good! I let it dry out on a piece of kitchen roll before use.

    Thanks again,

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