Knee Pain

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My knee has started hurting it feels like its in the front centre, but it only seems to happen when I am going upstairs

any ideas , treatments, supports


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    I just typed a reply and think I clicked cancel instead of submit...
    I have OA in my knees and stairs were a difficulty, especially coming down and walking downhill. You cod have a go at some strengthening exercises, there are some on this site:

    Discus with your GP, is it severe enough for an appt of its own or could you
    Bring it up when you visit about something else?
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    There are many support on the market, but really you need to build up your thigh muscles and around the knee..a support can stop you doing might need an x ray to see what going on..
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    I found yoga incredibly helpful....god for building up strength in leg muscles.
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    Some helpful replies there, lotsofpain ie see the doc, do the right kind of exercises (See Arthritis Care's leaflet on it) and maybe yoga.

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