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I've received DLA my while life, from about the 2 year old mark and my mum has always received Carers allowance. My DLA has now come up for renewal as the current claim ends on 29th March.

My mum has always been self employed and receives working tax credits as well as Carers allowance.

When my mum was on Income Support for a little while, she got less Income Support because of her Carers Allowance, which meant she would get more Income Support if she didn't receive Carers.

I was just wondering if you knew if and when my DLA stops and my mum looses her Carers, would her WTC actually go up a bit because she no longer claims Carers? (I keep telling my mum to ring up and find out but I think she is too worried to find out the correct answer and being deaf, I'm unable to ring myself)

Thank you everyone :)


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    I don't know the answer to this but it strikes me that your Mum should ring to clarify. The last thing either of you need is a halt in benefits or something being overpaid and then needing refunding to the authorities. I hope she will contact the right people, or maybe the CAB? They have a wealth of knowledge about such matters. I wish you both well. DD
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    Sorry I can't help, sailrib. If your Mum won't ring CAB maybe our own Helplines could suggest something.
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    WTC will be based on an annual figure. So they will probably just adjust your award when it is renewed. But I wou;ld think she would get more money because carers is a taxable benefit and would usually be lumped in together with her income from SE. However we (OH and I) received a couple of grand more in income last year than we usually do and our child tax credits stayed the same (I was expecting it to be less).

    Hopefully your new claim for DLA/PIP will be successful. She will then be able to continue with the carers award.

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    Thank you so much everyone :)
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    If your mum on carers allowance and claiming income support to top it up she should also get a carer premium with the small amount of income support.Its always best to get benefit advise from citizens advise bureau if circumstances change.

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