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Has anyone here had to have their TKR done again. I had a unicompartmental in '97 that was changed to a TKR in 2011. Now I am facing having it completely replaced again as due to lax ligaments the components are wearing against each other and causing major issues.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has had a similar problem.

After 9 ops so far, 4 of them in the last 3 years I am hesitant about more surgery yet.


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    Hello cathyk. It's good to meet you and welcome to the forum.

    In reply to your question, I've had a knee revision but the circumstances were rather different to yours. I had my first two TKRs in 1981 and, 27 years later, the left one was past it's sell-by date so it was replaced.

    After the first TKRs my legs were still not straight because, they explained, the ligaments had completely gone and that was that for them. However, the TKR still lasted all those years and my revision is brilliant.

    Have all your 9 ops been on the one knee? If so, I think I'd want to ask the surgeon why there has been so many problems with it and whether or not further surgery is likely to sort it. What would you consider to be a good outcome?

    I guess it may all depend on what the 'major issues' are. Pain is one thing but maybe not the only one? If the prosthesis is degrading I guess it could do physical damage elsewhere but that's only me wondering out loud.

    Did the same surgeon perform all ops and do you have confidence in him? I think these are questions I'd be asking myself. If you do, then be guided by him. If not, ask for a second opinion.
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    Hi Cathy.
    I'm sorry I can't offer any wise words.
    I was quite excited when I saw TKR, I had mine 6 weeks tomorrow, but no one else has had a new knee recently. There are a lot of old timers here, I hope someone is able to help you.
    Good luck.
    Love Fiona
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    Hello Kathy and welcome to the forum
    Sorry I cant offer any advice, but I see that SW has given you some help..hopefully there will be others along very soon x
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    Thanks for your help.

    Just to confirm it has been several different surgeons - all who knew how to 'fix' me. The latest was a 2nd opinion referrral from the guy who did my TKR.

    I am coping with the knee brace for now but see the surgeon again in March so will await the outcome of that meeting for now.

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