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Hi all.
Can someone tell me how to get tea stains out of china mugs please? Have stopped dishwashing them cos found despite being suitable for the dishwasher some were fading. Have tried denture cleaner and bleach (works in the short term) at moment at using a teasp of washing powder which is Ok but still needs a real scour. Any ideas?
Thanks :0)


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    Hi Fiona

    I do all of the above!! Bleach and washing powder being my favourite options. The washing powder best soaked overnight I think (and really good for plopping teaspoons in too).

    They always go brown again though after a while :roll:


    Toni xxx
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    I use bleach and leave it overnight.
    Then thoroughly wash it out the next day.
    They still get stained so just try and keep on top of it and scour them each time :lol:

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    bleach can take the glaze off then the stain will stay put..I just use a scourer...
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    I fill them with water and pop a babies' bottle sterilising tablet in. I then transfer the lot to the next cup and, yes, I add the teaspoons too. Tea will always make the insides go brown. It's an ongoing process.
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    My daughter in law drinks tea with no milk so I always encounter this. I find by filling the cup with water and leaving for a few hours until I do a washing up lot and then using a sponge with a scourer in hot water it comes of. The scourer part is gentle so doesn't seem to scratch.

    While I am on (sorry for pinching your section) but does anyone have any ideas on how to get soap marks from shower doors. I have tried so many things and with my RA have not got a lot of strength in writs and hands to scrub.....I am looking for a magic formula !!!!!!!

    Hope you have a good day
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    Hello Fiona
    have you tried magic sponge from w..ko
    good luck
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx
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    Make a paste of bicarbonate of soda, scrub with anything handy and it should shift it. Tannin is very staining, combined with hard water it's a nightmare. I rinse out every cup and mug as soon as the tea's been dispatched - that helps too.

    We have a shower screen in the new house, Valde, and yes, it's lumpy with scale. I have a pot of thick paste which is designed to remove scale but if that doesn't work then I'll try scrubbing a small area with a metal scourer to see if that shifts it. I also squeegee the screen after every shower to try to stop it building further. There's also shouty Barry Scott's Cillit Bang limescale-busting spray - that might be worth a try. DD
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    Plain coarse salt rubbed by hand. Or, if hands useless, bleach.
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    I clean mugs(including teaspoons) with a denture cleaning tablet dropped into hot water-it works on the inside of stainless steel teapots too.

    As for the shower screen- always use an I**a squeeze followed by spray of shower screen cleaner- seems to work well if there isn't already a build up of limescale.

    Deb x
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    Just put some warm water in it and add some biological washing powder and leave it to stand for a hour or so that will do the trick.
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    So many replies, thank you! Before I go shopping I shall have a go at the bicarb paste and see what that does and I've not tried salt before. I'm not keen on bleach, have used it before, but find longterm, the staining gets worse more quickly.
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    The bicarbonate is wonderful, dip a cloth, sponge or what ever you use wash up in the bicarbonate (I now have a little plastic pudding basin of it beside the sink) and rub away. It doesn't require any extra elbow grease.
    Many thanks!