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Hello everyone

Haven't been posting much lately as there have been so many things going on, but I have been reading.
I'm now suffering (along with all the other things) with pain specifically in my hip. My SI joints and lower back always hurt, and sometimes the pain spreads to my hip and thigh but this is like a separate entity altogether. It started the other night when I went to bed, background pain but growing stronger as the night went on. Every time I moved in bed it felt like I was being stabbed in the hip. Since then the pain has never left. The intensity differs but it's always there and makes me feel sick. It's kind of at the side of my bum cheek/back of my hip and when it gets stronger it goes into my groin.

My hips have never been checked so I have no idea whether I have OA there, and I'm not looking for a dx from anyone on here, but I just wanted to ask if anyone has a similar pain? It's driving me insane and making me really nauseous. I'm holding off with the cocodamol because frankly they don't really do a lot, not for this pain anyway.




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    This does sound like what I had in my hip prior to the THR. You could ask for an x-ray to be sure but, if it is, it's just a matter of putting up with it, I'm afraid.
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    Hi ouchpotato,

    I started with pain in my thigh which progressed to my groin. I ignored it and took pain killers. It got worse over time and l started getting a knocking noise in the hip when l walked. It was only then l saw my GP who arranged an xray and an MRI.

    I was diagnosed with OA and FAI in both hips and 6 weeks ago I had a THR. If you are in so much pain, it may worth seeing your GP. Discuss it with him so he can investigate.

    Keep us posted on how you get on.

    Sarah x
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    Hi ouchpotato,

    I was just thinking about you the other day, wondering how you are :?:

    I'm so sorry you've got this hip pain on top of everything else. I had a lot of similar trouble during my last few months of working in an office, in 2004. I wasn't diagnosed formally with OA at that time, but I'd received my PsA diagnosis in 1991. My GP in 2004 did describe my hip as 'knackered' once he'd seen the X-rays and he moved quickly to prescribe stronger pain meds and refer me to a rheumatologist. Surgery wasn't considered, due to my age I suppose.

    I'm sorry too, I can't recall what sort of arthritis you have, but I've just posted this as I recognise the sort of pain you describe.

    Best wishes,
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    Yes, I have had a similar experience. A real pain in the butt!!! There is a muscle in your butt (one on each side) that sits right near or on top of your sciatic nerve. It is called the Piriformis muscle. If it gets inflamed or swells, it puts pressure on the sciatic nerve giving pains in all the places you have. Try this stretch: sitting, cross one leg over the other and rest the ankle of that leg over your thigh close to your knee. Now slowly and gently bend forward, you should feel a stretch in your butt, lower back, down your leg and around your hip. It should not be painful, but if it is, take the stretch to just before the pain and hold it there. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds and repeat 3 more times on both sides. Do this for a couple of days if that stretch improves your symptoms, that is probably what it is. If it does not at all no harm done, this is a great stretch for women and for anyone who sits too much. Let me know how it goes. Good Luck!
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    I have hip problems - and do sympathise with you greatly - I have unspecified sero neg arthur - but now have oa in my hips - i have problems with my lower back too and thighs - diflofenic helps me and co-codamols - I was referred to physio - who helped greatly - she suggested i strengthen my inner core which would help with the muscle densiity and put less pressure on my joints, I regularly exersize and do try and do my core exersizes - i have good days and bad - (mainy bad lol ) xxx sorry ;) xx
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    Hi Ouch, That sounds exactly what I'm getting at the moment, do you know if your hips have swollen with fluid? As that's what is wrong with mine. I have trouble with getting a good nights sleep because I can't stay on one side for long. My pain rushes from my lower back to my hips and does make me feel nauseous. My rhummey nurse is arranging for me to have some sessions in the Hydro pool as it's really suppose to help. I really do feel for you as I know exactly how you must feel. I hope you can get some relief some how but it may be worth getting in touch with your G.P or Rhumatologist to see if they can arrange some cause of action for you.