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I wanted to send a shout out from The Book Club because we seem to have dried up alittle and lost some members since the beginning of the new year. I know we had an awful start to the new year. But just wanted to remind AC members that The Book Club is over on Chit Chat and we welcome all members who enjoying reading, it doesn't matter if you are a book or kindle lover we welcome you all. So please come join us if you love reading!! :)


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    I will look in, I promise; TBH I feel shy about so doing because I nipped in once to recommend a book (which you all took up) and then never returned. :oops: I am currently working my way through a set of splendid cop novels and relishing every one. I've also downloaded The Husband's Secret (I think it's called that) for when I want a change. And I recently re-read The Perpetual Astonishment of Jonathon Fairfax - it's tough not to guffaw at 3 in the morning! :lol: DD
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    No idea if these have been mentioned , but thoroughly recommend the Roy Grace novels by Peter James ; they're a gripping read .
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    How do we get involved - is there a book everyone is reading by a certain date? Do we just post? Just pooped on to the thread on Chit Chat and wasn't sure how I can get involved? I love reading and would love to interact, just not sure how.
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    DD, you know your very welcome, your book that was suggested became Book Of The Month you are the perfect member because you enjoy reading! We would love you to come and join us and there is no need to be she because your among friends! We would love to read your reviews on the cop novels your reading. :)

    Jilly, you should pop your head in at The Book Club we don't bite promise! And maybe post a review of a couple of the Pete James books, you might see a book that takes your fancy. We would love you to come and be a member. :)

    Tubby All you do is come on to the thread say hello! We do have a Book Of The Month that a member suggests and it's there as a choice, it gets members reading different types of Genre books that maybe they have never thought of reading before. What I ask members to do is after reading a book to post a review of it so other members can read the review and if they like the look of the book read it themselves. It gets members talking and joining in together and of course reading!!

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