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Hello folks long time since I've been on here. Lots been happening but most significant ( other than starting and having to put on hold the use of Tocilizumab) I had a total hysterectomy. I know that by reading that word any men who had read this have suddenly clicked off it!
Anyway I had the op 3 weeks ago. Because I'd had 2C Sections I had an abdominal surgery. They took the lot - womb, tubes, ovaries. So question for any of you ladies who also may have had this surgery. When did you feel up to resuming your treatments for your arthritis? I'm taking my Mtx and prednisolone but I'm starting to ache badly again and feel in need of getting back onto the infusions sooner rather than later.

Any advice gratefully received.

Love Kate x


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    Crumbs Kate doesn't look like anybody has had it done.

    My Mum had a hysterectomy years ago .Although she had dreadful aches and pains which I believe, with hindsight, was arthritis she never had any meds prescribed for it as she had so many other health probs taking up her time and energy.

    I would ask on the helpline or the GP'

    All the best for a speedy recovery
    Elizabeth x
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    Hi Elizabeth,

    How you doing? What I've decided to do is wait until after I see gynaecologist again ( this Friday) and then ring up my Rheumy's secretary- providing everything is ok on the gynae side. The secretary is a lovely lady and very understanding so hopefully she will point me in the right direction. Pain is getting worse daily so I'm going to need something sooner rather than later!!

    Kate xx
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    Hi Kate
    Sorry no ones turned up with any advice..I just want to add my support and hope that all goes well for you..hopefully your Rheumy will be able to give you some advise..let us know how you get on..