Bargain for your kindle

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Morning everyone,Had email from A****n with book recommendations and they are selling Twelve years a Slave for only 49 p for your kindle ,thought I would let you all know in case it's your sort of thing.Mig


  • Numptydumpty
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    Thanks Mig, just bought it :D
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    Ooh thanks so much Mig..I will go and have a look... must say I have some bargain off Amaz**another one was the young Indian girl that got shot on her way to school..forgotten how to spell her name ..something like Malwa...£1...
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    Thank you mig for those recommendations, this post would have been better on The Book Club topic! Will mention the books on there. Thank you again as those are 2 good books they could be 2 good choices for March's Book Of The Month on The Book Club You would be a great member, please think about joining us.
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    Where is the book club thread please? I am an avid reader, taking a short break while I do only academic reading but I'd love some books for my kindle for when it all finishes in May. :)