Of Mice and my Man.

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Due to its development over its history our house has three separate attics. One is above our bedroom, with a loft hatch outside the bathroom door. Early morning after early morning I have lain there listening to the scampering and scratching but, because the Sleeping Beauty next to me hasn't heard anything, they do not exist. 'It's your imagination, wife'. No, it's not. He is the one who has found (empty) mouse traps in one of the attics . . . . my mind boggles at his stance.

Next week he is on leave so I may take to waking him so he too can hear the party that is going on up there. I am happy to get people in so he doesn't have to bother with clambering up, setting traps and disposing but why oh why won't he believe me? I know one thing though - they are there. I've heard them. :D DD
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    Daisy Daisy Daisy you said it he's a man and mice are big scary creatures. Mig
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    It's a man thing DD!!
    Numps x
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    tis anoying dd
    iv had same problem in garden shed, with a good supply of birds feed.
    got fed up when they knawed the bottom of door,
    so the man thing had to do something :o yepp i got a mouse trap
    and got 3 in 3 days :cry: no more eating bottom of my door.
    till next time :o
    dont want them eating through any cables dd , catch um quick and
    good luck. hows your arm dd getting better i hope...
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    I don't know what's in this particular attic, Mike but I reckon cables are a distinct possibility. We had mice at our old house (one was very sweet, I called him Waldegrave, he would wander between the kitchen and bathroom), there was an infestation in the shed and Mr DD removed a dead mouse from the understairs cupboard after we moved to No. 10 :) but this sounds like more than one. I hope he will go and investigate the attic on Saturday before he goes to footy - I would like to know what is up there.

    Mig? You are spot on, mice are HUGE and hairy whereas Mr DD is little and hairy. :wink:

    And yes Numpty, you are right; it's definitely a case of 'I haven't heard it so it doesn't exist'. :roll:
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    The word's evidently got out that there are no cats at No 10 now...
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    Morning DD
    Do you think that is Mr DD's selective hearing kicking in :lol:
    It's a man thing but I don't know what you can do about it.....not exactly accessible to you :shock:
    I hope you can get his mind of the footy and onto mice before he goes on Sat

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    Definitely a man thing, DD. I haven't seen or heard it so it can't be.
    Nice to know we are not alone. :roll: :lol::lol: In more ways than one!
    Good luck!!

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    I used to be a school cleaner and we had mice in the ceiling that had tiles that the mice used to nibble at so the exterminator had to be called in he said that anywhere you can push a pencil in a mouse can get in as they have collapsible rib cages.Mig
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    I've been pondering the advantages of the collapsible rib cage, mig. In my case, none at all, I think, as the rear end would still get stuck :wink:
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    We used to have mice who got into the kitchen. My cupboards have never been so clean! We put down humane traps - baited with chocolate - and then took them to the country park nearby. We tried putting them in the garden, but they were back in the house before us!

    Hope you get it sorted, DD.
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    We have full family's moving in..due to the fields at the back ..my hubby has selective hearing then he doesn't have to go into the loft.. :roll: